he small hall. He sat here after David left, with helplessness in his eyes.

David’s genius exceeded his expectations, and when David took out five bottles of ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’, Galen probably guessed the possible direction of the mysterious organization.
After Galen’s extraordinary return from the battle star, he exchanged all his military merit rewards for an opportunity to break through to extraordinary, a bottle of extraordinary potion and corresponding resources provided by the military during the breakthrough.
Maybe it was his luck, maybe it was the life and death he experienced on the battle star that made him a one percent miracle.
Galen Chaofan did not continue to stay in the military. He was full of unspeakable feelings for the Battle Star, fear, disgust, anger, and hatred. The Battle Star was the source of all negative emotions for him.
Many friends who had gone through life and death died in the Battle Star. It was an unbearable memory. Whenever he recalled it, he would shudder.
For resources, he turned to the Rock Star government, which provided extraordinary resources.
/Due to his lack of knowledge, most of his cultivation methods were obtained from the Pan Rock Star Government. For the Pan Rock Star Government, which originally did not have extraordinary knowledge, knowledge related to the extraordinary was very scarce.
Maybe David can still accept his guidance in the military stage, but judging from David’s current performance, Galen Chaofan himself also understands that he can provide too little guidance.
In terms of resources, Galen’s extraordinary can only support the consumption until David breaks through to extraordinary. But without a systematic knowledge system, David may be able to become extraordinary, but just like himself, he will become an ordinary person. He is so extraordinary that he can only become the guardian of a bad planet.
Galen Chaofan has very high expectations for David, and he does not want to waste David’s talent.
David was in the top room, with a hand on the shoulder of the shadow server in the void, and the light ball of knowledge in the divine language (99% proficient) flowed into his body.
As the ball of knowledge in the divine language (99% proficient) entered David’s body, a vision appeared before his eyes.
First, a large amount of information flowed into his brain, and then he appeared in a study room, where an old man wearing a strange robe was imparting knowledge to him.
This knowledge includes daily communication, poetry, literature, professional terms, etc. David sat in the study and received one-on-one teaching.
Maybe it’s because this is just language knowledge. Although the knowledge is extremely complicated, the time of the illusion is not too long. It feels like a few months have passed at most, which is far less than the years and decades that the combat ability illusion has entered. So long.
When David opened his eyes again, he felt as if he had learned a foreign language. Not only could he speak and write, he also learned how to res