e, but many are from Deliton and Harlan.

With these credit guarantees, there is no need to worry that the Yafa people will turn around and deny these bonds.
However, these alone will not cause a buying frenzy on the Ammensteden Stock Exchange. What really excites speculators is the news of the outbreak of the Asian-French Civil War.
From the moment this news reached the exchange, all direct trading in the krona stopped, and the exchange value of the krona was fixed at a fixed value, but this value was completely meaningless because the exchange had stopped.
But for those national bonds, the deal is still in effect.
The expected devaluation of the krona and the sudden emergence of guaranteed state bonds meant that speculators could squeeze a lot of money out of them if they manipulated them skillfully enough.
As for the consequences, the only consequence is that the krona will depreciate even more, and the Yafa treasury will have to spend a large amount of real money to pay off this huge debt, which may make Yafa unable to recover for several years.
/If it were normal times, the Yafa government would definitely intervene in the transaction, but now Yafa is already in chaos and cannot care about it at all.
In the Amensteden Securities and Futures Exchange, someone is transmitting the current transaction prices to every corner of the mainland through the news bureau at any time. Similarly, the brokers in the exchange also use the news bureau to undertake transactions thousands of miles away. Commissioned by rich men and speculators.
Even in Vance at this moment, amid the rumbling artillery fire, there were still newspaper bureau employees in green uniforms riding horses to the houses of the real rich, because the situation at the Ammensteden Securities and Futures Exchange had become abnormal. Nervous, so these news bureau employees have to run almost every hour.
Soon, carriages drove out of the mansions of the rich. Even though it was war time, even though the suburbs of Versailles were already in chaos, for those rich, they had to face another war. And this war involves all their wealth. If they lose this war, they will have nothing. This is enough to make them forget the sound of cannons outside the city.
Almost within an hour, all the foreign currency in Fansai City was wiped out, and items such as silver, gold, and diamonds that could be used to store value were also wiped out by the swarming wealthy people. It was really With nothing to buy, wealthy people who were worried that the krona would become worthless began to buy real estate such as land and houses.
All of this, whether it is the Asian and French debt craze that is blowing on the Amensteden Stock Exchange or the buying frenzy in the city of Vance, none of it has escaped the control of the gears.
This is part of a parasitism scheme to attract bigger fish.
The Amensteden Securities and Futures Exchange closed at five o’clock in the afternoon. The various exchanges and exchange bureaus in Vansee have still not calmed down. Now it is not just th