nt was not very beautiful. At least for Hull, who was used to seeing beautiful women, Diana’s appearance could only be considered above average. Her hair was very short, and it was really unacceptable for a woman to have a full shave. Her figure also looked a bit burly, and the muscles on her body made the man Hull feel ashamed.

“Don’t you plan to save your life and regain your strength by the way?” Hel asked with a smile.
“What I see in your eyes is just desire.” Diana said angrily: “All you need is a slave girl who can satisfy your desires.”
“You are right.” Hull’s face was still full of smiles: “But you are not a know-it-all about everything in the world, so you don’t know that there is a secret method that can not only satisfy my desires, but also It can also be used to repair your body.”
As he spoke, Hull suddenly pulled Diana on top of him, and forced the female war saint to sit on his lap. It was as ambiguous as it seemed.
A teardrop fell from Diana’s cheek, and there was only sadness in her eyes besides anger.
“Believe me, everything I said is true.” Hel whispered in Diana’s ear softly, and the breath he exhaled shook Diana’s ear beads.
At the same time, Hull’s hands moved up and down to soothe Diana’s body, stimulating her muscles and muscles to loosen and unblock them. What surprised Hel slightly was that all of Diana’s tendons were open.
There are not a few women who have practiced “The Great Joy of Heaven and Earth Yin and Yang” with Hull. The first was Xueli and Anna, the mother and daughter, and then An Qi and Shasa, two women whose explanations were unclear, but All their muscles and veins are blocked, and even if they are open, only one or two of them can be opened.
Is this the characteristic of a war saint?
But now is not the time to think about these issues. Hel increased the power in his hand and directly input a ray of true energy into it.
“What is this?” Diana, who had been so embarrassed and angry just now, was shocked by the changes inside her body.
“You can think of all of this as a Yuanli network.” Hel poked the Dantian: “This is the Yuanli pool.”
/Diana suddenly blushed with embarrassment and whispered: “Why is the Yuanli Pool in such an obscene place?”
“Obscene?” Hull was speechless: “This is a secret method that we have spent countless efforts and costs to find.” Hull’s face became serious.
Diana stopped talking now. Of course she knew how difficult it was to create a secret method. Wasn’t it a special secret method that led to the demise of her homeland, the Hadness Republic? It is rumored that the Gexia Empire used thousands of death row prisoners to test this secret method before it succeeded.
Soon she was not only speechless, but also her brain’s thinking stopped. Because of the strong stimulation, she could not think about anything, and she didn’t even know where she was.
What frightens Diana is that everything hasn’t really started yet. If it does, she still doesn’t know what it will be like.
“Have you never been in contact with a man?” Hull asked in a low voice in