o his own diamond mace, it was still of high quality. After the violent impact with the diamond mace, it began to bend a little bit. But it is difficult to destroy it in a short time.

But accidents always appear to make people feel happy and distressed.
Perhaps it was that slight bend that made Mag a little dissatisfied. After the two separated again, the muscles all over Mag’s body swelled again, like a giant bear staring at food.
Wei Xiaobei immediately sensed the danger, and immediately ignored the injury on his left shoulder and dodged to the side.
In an instant, Magu used the Macedonian spear as a javelin and threw it towards Wei Xiaobei.
Javelin (proficient)!
Extremely fast! And regardless of his injuries, Mager followed the thrown spear and forced him over. His right hand had already drawn the dagger from his waist!
It must be said that this Mage had extremely rich combat experience, and in the blink of an eye, he had all the space for Wei Xiaobei to dodge within his control.
Wei Xiaobei was forced to use the diamond mace in his hand to smash down the flying spear.
There was a loud sound like a giant hammer hitting a gong. The Macedonian spear had its tip twisted and was smashed to the ground by the diamond mace.
The Macedonian spear was completely useless with just one blow!
But Wei Xiaobei’s face turned pale, and he retreated more than ten steps in a row, avoiding the dagger thrust by Mag.
The impact of 54 points of muscle attribute is not so easy to resolve.
The further the muscle attributes are improved, the changes brought about by every improvement are huge!
It can be said that the gap between 54 points of muscle attributes and 40 points of muscle attributes is not just as simple as 14 points of muscle attributes!
The qualitative change brought about by quantitative changes is equivalent to the difference between the strength of one thousand kilograms and the strength of five hundred kilograms.
54 points of muscle attribute completely crushes 40 points of muscle attribute!
Just like that, Wei Xiaobei knew that all the bones in his right arm were shattered.
It will take at least 30 minutes to recover from this injury!
But looking at the momentum of Mag’s attack, I’m afraid he didn’t want to give himself this time.
Without any hesitation, Wei Xiaobei took another ten steps back in one breath, then turned around and rushed towards the depths of the wilderness.
Want to escape?
Ma Ge finally seized the opportunity. Naturally, he refused to let Wei Xiaobei escape and immediately chased after him.
/By this time, Wei Xiaobei could no longer think of saving.
His left hand, which could still barely move, touched the small treasure bag, and then a small stream of jade liquid stuck to his palm. Wei Xiaobei then applied the jade liquid on his left hand to his right arm.
Immediately, a cool feeling rushed to his right arm, which felt like a knife.
Secondary Fountain of Youth!
Effect three: pouring this product into the wound can promote rapid healing of the wound!
Wei Xiaobe