r exists.” Crosso didn’t want to get entangled in this matter: “It was a mausoleum with clever mechanisms. If someone accidentally touched the mechanism, the mausoleum collapsed. There was an underground river underneath, and the collapse turned into a large-scale landslide, and I managed to escape.”

“You haven’t asked anyone else to study this information?” Hull asked, he was somewhat dubious about this reason. The Essi people do like to set up mechanisms, but so far, there is no mechanism that can have such huge power.
“I have found many people, but unfortunately there are not many experts in the world who are proficient in Essi writing. Although I have found a few, the interpretations are difficult to understand. Now I can only ask you.” Crosso said.
Holding these rubbings full of strange words, Hull’s mind was in chaos, and his feeling told him that this was not a conspiracy. What the crown prince’s adviser really cared about was the meaning of these words. But he also felt that things were not that simple.
The Essi civilization controls the power of life and death. They have no magicians. All those who control this powerful power are monks. The monks of Essi are definitely not comparable to the Holy See. Even when the Holy See was at its most powerful, it was not as good as the monks of Essi. one tenth.
The power of the Essi monks is too horrifying. The power of death they control is similar to the undead and dark magic. Magic that is almost legendary, such as summoning the undead corps, is nothing to the Essi monks. The power of life they control is even stronger, and the ultimate power of life is resurrection.
The two volumes of parchment in the castle are the introduction and catalog of the two major treasures of the Essi civilization – the Book of Life and the Book of Death. They only have the name and introduction of Essi’s magical skills, and there are no specific cultivation methods.
/There are six volumes of such parchment in total. The three excavated sites each have two volumes, and the contents are exactly the same. Two of the other four volumes are stored in the Royal Exhibition Hall in Debreton, and the other The two volumes are in the Great Library of the Holy See.
Taking those rubbings, Hull went to Lieutenant Martin. Of course, this kind of thing must be reported, otherwise, he might be charged with leaking secrets in the future.
Most of the time, there are a few people in the small living room. When Hull entered, three professors were arguing there.
/“Among Professor Hobbes, Professor Solon, Professor Edward and Professor Gronfield, are any of them free?” Hull asked casually. The four people he mentioned can be called the authorities here.
Hobbes is a linguist and is involved in all languages. Sauron specializes in the Olympian civilization, but also studies several civilizations that preceded the Olympian civilization. Professor Edward is an authority on hieroglyphics. Professor Longfield specializes in Ethiopian civilization and is the absolute authority in this field.
“Looking for t