place that nearly cost him his life.

There are many extremely dangerous places there. Compared with these dangerous places, Buffalo Valley is as safe as a back garden.
From the biological illustration, Hull knew that there were thousands of terrifying monsters hidden in the Devil’s Mountains, some of which were even as powerful as super warriors.
Hull didn’t think that there were super-level warriors among the Red Duke’s men, and I’m afraid there weren’t many such people in the entire Brotherhood.
/After deciding on the location, Hull began to worry about the selection of participants. Among his subordinates, the only one who was willing to advance and retreat with him was the coach. Although the coach was not very strong, he was proficient in many things. There are many, whether it is shooting, fighting, climbing, or sneaking, they are all quite skilled.
Another candidate that Hel “favored” was the elf magician who originally dressed up as Steffal. Hull didn’t know him well, but judging from his willingness to carry out that extremely dangerous mission, he definitely did not lack courage.
Since the location was to be in the Devil’s Mountains, Hull had already given one of the locations to Old Man Moon. No one was more familiar with the Devil’s Mountains than Old Man Moon. Although the old man was an ordinary man, he was a master of using traps.
Because of this, there is only one vacant seat. If the reaper is willing to join, he can form a “dark team”.
Hull recalled the information about the Reapers. The Reapers are a very special branch after the Scouts are advanced assassins. The Reapers are prepared in the way of scouts in the early stage, and then adjust their power in the way of warriors in the later stage.
The Reaper has always been considered a less successful advancement, because he is a bit like a warrior, but lacks endurance, so he is not suitable for positional warfare. Instead, he can only rely on sneak attacks like a scout to pick up lone enemies.
This was a helpless choice, unless Mr. Sharon was willing to lend him the two divine warriors beside him. Hull already knew that the bodyguard was a demon death warrior and the coachman was a master of hidden weapons.
In a place like the Devil’s Mountains, the Demon Death Warrior is of little use, but the Hidden Weapon Master is very useful.
/“I agree with the Red Duke’s proposal. The time will be set one month later, deep in the Devil’s Mountains.” Hull said to the fat man who delivered the news.
“I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Mr. Sharon patted Hull’s shoulder gently and said helplessly.
Even he himself had never thought that his bodyguard and coachman would actually refuse to help. Although he did not give any reason, Sharon and Hull could definitely guess that this matter must be related to the Brotherhood.
“Nothing, this is my own business.” Hull smiled and shrugged. He had already expected this result.
Now that he knows the Brotherhood’s method of controlling Yafa, Hull can certainly imagine that the Brotherhood will definitely suppress someo