e the situation.

Of course, they are much worse than the Tortoise Demon King and Baxia.
The biological level of these turtles is only two-star terrifying, but the hardness of their shells has reached a terrifying level!
Apart from anything else, it is simply impossible for ordinary aquarists to tear their turtle shells into pieces.
And they swim very fast.
But other than that, they don’t have much fighting power.
But for a group of scouts, it was enough.
/After eating up all the cocoon fragments, these turtles clumsily climbed out of the white clouds and fell down one by one.
With a popping sound, the turtle fell into the sea, and then swam excitedly towards the crack, like torpedoes traveling rapidly underwater.
There are many scouts for Wei Xiaobei to choose from.
The most powerful one is the nine-headed Golden Crow clone.
But using the Golden Crow clone to investigate the situation is overkill.
But those metal weapon clones are too heavy, and in places like the East China Sea of ??the Gray Realm, the metal weapon clones in the form of Wei Xiaobei are simply monster aggregators that turn on taunts. They will probably be dismantled by those aquatic tribes in a short time. .
In this way, the turtles that already exist in the sea are undoubtedly the best choice, not to mention that their defense is sufficient and they can withstand many unexpected situations.
/The turtle quickly swam into the crack, while Wei Xiaobei sat on the white clouds and reached out to take out the golden monkey blood collected from the storage ring.
As the monkey god Hanuman fell into the void, this golden monkey blood should probably be considered the best.
It should be said that Wei Xiaobei is still very interested in the monkey god Hanuman, especially the golden monkey blood, which seems rather strange.
After taking out the storage ring, it actually condensed into a ball in the air, with a hint of frightening aura hidden within it.
And when Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hand to touch it, the golden monkey blood suddenly hit the palm of his hand, causing Wei Xiaobei to cry out in pain.
To be able to make Wei Xiaobei scream in pain, one can imagine the strength involved.
Wei Xiaobei felt as if his palm had been hit hard with a stick. When he drew back his hand and came back to check, he discovered that a purple scar suddenly appeared on his palm!
Just a ball of blood could cause him such damage. The monkey god Hanuman was indeed a bit powerful.
But no matter what, this is just a ball of blood.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t care about the scars on his palms. He recovered from such scars in an instant.
The damage caused by the blood only made him more interested.
He stretched out his left hand and approached the mass of blood. After a moment, the flesh strands spurted out and turned into a net to cover the blood.
The blood seemed to have some spirituality, and when the net composed of flesh threads fell, it suddenly hit it.
In an instant, a big hole was knocked out of the meat mesh by the blood, and the blood took the opportunity