aobei’s actions, the little goblin was a little stunned. She grabbed the stone plaque around Wei Xiaobei’s neck with both hands and refused to let go.

This made Wei Xiaobei feel a little sad, but it was something he had to do.
Wei Xiaobei must go back to reality. From the current point of view, it is impossible for the little fairy to follow him.
/What the monsters controlled by Zhu Xinyi’s charm couldn’t do, it was even more impossible with a mere partner covenant.
And what happens next will be very dangerous!
Wei Xiaobei could not expect that the Pingwheel Messenger’s stone tablet would allow him and the little goblin to escape together.
There is no doubt that if he escapes and leaves only the goblins, the remaining ones will be violently attacked by the enemy.
“It’s safe here and there’s food.”
Wei Xiaobei was not very good at comforting people, so he could only use clumsy words to try to divert the little goblin’s attention.
Fortunately, the little goblin is not the kind of character who clings to people. After a while of Wei Xiaobei’s reassurances, the little goblin finally let go of his hand, flapped his wings and landed on the tree, turning his attention to the fruits. .
Taking advantage of the opportunity when the goblins began to settle in the tree, Wei Xiaobei quietly pulled away and rushed towards the huge tree hole.
As you walk inside the tree hole, some forks will appear.
With the traces left by those frost giants, Wei Xiaobei once again chased those heroic warriors.
At this point, the passage suddenly opened up, and a hall with a diameter of more than three hundred meters appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei.
This is where those heroic warriors live.
With some green light shining from the top of the hall, some wooden buildings came into Wei Xiaobei’s sight.
Although these buildings are wooden structures, their shapes are in the ancient Nordic style, and they look like they have a different flavor.
The heroic warriors carried the body of the frost giant to a spring in the center of the hall.
What kind of spring water is this?
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were fixed on it, and he felt unable to move away.
This is a very small fountain, only one foot high and no more than ten centimeters in diameter. It is emerald green, transparent and crystal clear, like a piece of emerald, with a faint green flame on it. The whole thing is beautiful. Incomparable, like a peerless treasure.
The spring water spewed out very slowly, as if it violated the laws of physics, and the whole process was in slow motion.
The spring water slowly spurted out, and the splashed water droplets fell slowly, at least several times slower than the normal speed.
Around the spring, it was as if the flow of time had slowed down, making the spring water look like a solid mass.
The heroic warrior was right next to the spring. He raised his weapon and chopped the frost giant’s body into small pieces. He completely ignored the pungent smell of blood and threw them into the spring in batches.
What made Wei Xiaobei’s eyes widen was that a