n body can withstand several bombardments of black sword light, and the clone is not too sure.

The most terrible thing is that if Wei Xiaobei’s clone was in a completely stable state, it would be able to drain the hundred-armed Lord of the Night, but at this moment, the clone seemed a little unstable.
After the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord felt this, he relaxed and continued the long-lasting consumption with Wei Xiaobei’s clone.
To put it bluntly, when we reach this consumption stage, it depends on who can’t stand it first and who has an accident!
But no matter how you look at it, Wei Xiaobei’s clone seems to be at a disadvantage.
Of course, even so, Wei Xiaobei’s clone did not show the slightest panic.
Taking a step back, even if the clone is defeated by the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord, it can just blow up and the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord will not get even the slightest benefit!
However, if you get up like this, the spear skills learned by the clone will be wasted.
The only good thing is that the clone did not harvest the divinity, so it will not leave the divinity behind for the enemy.
Of course, the hundred-armed Night Lord doesn’t know this at all. It only knows that the opponent will be defeated soon. By then, not only will it make back the losses with profits, but it will also occupy the opponent’s hundreds of Source of faith!
When he thought of this, the heart of the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord bloomed with beauty. The hundreds of arms waved more and more violently. Almost every second, thousands of black sword lights would fly out and bombard the incoming gun. Angry.
Finally, all the fragments of the accompanying gun were gone.
The hundred-armed Night Lord was immediately overjoyed and roared: “Go to hell!” Then he set off countless black sword lights again!
But just as the hundred-armed Black Night Lord roared, a clear voice came into its ears: “In this case, you should die too.”
This voice sounded extremely confident, which made the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord startled.
The next moment, the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord felt an unparalleled momentum behind him. The momentum was like a mountain, pressing towards him!
This is?
The Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord is also very sensitive to the movements of the outside world, but it did not notice anyone approaching behind it before. Therefore, at the same time as this momentum rose, the usual perseverance on the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord’s face turned into With a trace of panic, he looked behind him, only to see a fist covered with a layer of thunder, and the light and heat was blasted towards him!
There was a loud noise!
The hundred-armed Night Lord didn’t even have a chance to dodge before he was blasted away by this punch!
I have to say, this can be considered luck.
/There is no doubt that the fist that punched the hundred-armed Night Lord came from Wei Xiaobei’s own body!
/After harvesting all the divinities on Kyushu Island, Wei Xiaobei’s body rushed to Honshu Island without stopping to continue harvesting those