Wei Xiaobei is very interested in this place.

So after eating a sumptuous seafood dinner, Wei Xiaobei returned to the room, called customer service to inform the customer service that he did not need any service before twelve o’clock tomorrow, and then locked the door.
Afterwards, sitting by the bed, Wei Xiaobei poured several bottles of brandy into his stomach.
It had to be said that compared to the ten years of storage in Cuihu, the strength of this brandy was not high. Wei Xiaobei drank five bottles before he managed to drink himself into a drowsy sleep.
/When Wei Xiaobei woke up, he still saw a gorgeous room, but it looked extremely shabby, and even the curtains were full of big holes.
“Kill! Kill these damn Carthaginians! ???Glory belongs to Rome!” Wei Xiaobei could understand some words in these words, but not others. They should probably be in Latin.
Wei Xiaobei studied Latin for a while when he was learning French and Spanish. Compared with French, Italian, Spanish and other European languages, this Latin is probably equivalent to the language of China’s pre-Qin period.
These European languages ??are all derived from Latin, and many of them contain Latin vocabulary.
“Glory belongs to Rome!???” One after another majestic voices came in through the broken windows.
Are they soldiers from ancient Rome?
Wei Xiaobei probably guessed the owner of these voices.
/By the time Wei Xiaobei came to the window and looked down, a bloody battle had already begun on the street below.
More than thirty Roman warriors with naked upper bodies armed with light shields and javelins fought with the same number of spear warriors.
Wei Xiaobei recognized the identity of the person fighting the Roman warrior at a glance.
These warriors should be Carthage’s sacred infantry, which is one of Carthage’s main arms. To put it bluntly, they are light infantry, and their name sounds quite impressive.
In battle, if their spears pierce the enemy’s chest and cannot be pulled out in a short period of time, they will pull out the Greek-style short sword at their waist and rush towards the enemy.
Those Roman warriors were also light infantry, coming from the poorest citizens of ancient Rome, so they didn’t even have any armor. They held a light wooden shield in their left hand and a 1.7-meter-long javelin in their right hand.
They carried more than one javelin, for behind the Carthaginian light infantry lay six corpses with javelins stuck in their chests.
The strength of ancient Roman warriors has been described in many literary works, and even in some movies, they were portrayed as warriors who could defeat a hundred.
Well, of course, these ancient Roman light infantry were equally brave, but their opponents, the Carthaginian light infantry, were even braver than them.
Under the brave attacks of these Carthaginian light infantry, the ancient Roman light infantry with slightly worse weapons and equipment retreated steadily. In almost ten seconds, an ancient Roman soldier fell.
Just when these ancient Roman light infantry were about