got the news of Xu Feiyang’s arrival.

Xu Feiyang was followed by someone.
Well, to be precise, he is a little Taoist boy wearing Taoist robes, holding a whisk in his right hand. He is extremely cute, especially when he pretends to be an adult. It makes people’s hearts itch so much that even Zhu Xinyi and others can’t bear it. I wanted to reach out and pinch that pink face.
But when Wei Xiaobei saw this little Taoist boy, his face became extremely solemn. He stepped forward, cupped his hands slightly, and said, “I wonder where your honor comes from?”
Seeing their master’s appearance, Zhu Xinyi and others dared to pinch their faces and hurriedly retracted their claws.
Naturally, Wei Xiaobei’s respect for this little Taoist boy did not come out of thin air.
This little Taoist boy looked like a child of six or seven years old, but in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, his whole body was glowing with dazzling light. This alone had already reached the peak of four-star disaster. At the same time, the Taoist robe on his body, his right hand The whisk and even the cloth shoes under his feet undoubtedly conveyed a terrifying and depressing atmosphere!
Well, it can make the current Wei Xiaobei feel horrified and depressed, which shows how powerful this aura is!
It can be said that the little Taoist boy’s strength is just that, but the Taoist robe, whisk, and cloth shoes he wears give him terrifying strength that exceeds that of a five-star elite!
It’s that simple!
Of course, if the two sides were to fight each other, Wei Xiaobei might not be afraid of this little Taoist boy.
After all, the little Taoist boy is not strong enough to control these three terrifying treasures, but the three terrifying treasures represent that the little Taoist boy is extraordinary and are enough for Wei Xiaobei to show due respect.
“Your Majesty Taiqing, Daluo Tianxuandu Cave Bajing Palace Path Boy Yinling is polite and has met the Lord of the Blessed Land.”
The little Taoist boy lightly dusted the fly whisk on his arm, saluted Wei Xiaobei and said.
To ordinary people, this greeting means nothing, just a little Taoist boy from some temple.
But when it fell into the ears of Zhu Xinyi and others, it shocked them inexplicably, and even Wei Xiaobei’s expression became serious.
/Let’s talk about the Eight Views Palace in Daluo Tianxuandu Cave first. Anyone who is familiar with Taoist classics knows that it is the residence of Taishang Laojun, the Taoist God!
And this little Taoist boy calls himself Yin Ling, which undoubtedly reveals his identity.
I remember it was recorded in Journey to the West that when Monk Tang and his disciples were on their way to the West to obtain Buddhist scriptures, they encountered two monsters with powerful magic when passing by Pingding Mountain. One of them was called the Golden Horn King and the other was called the Silver Horn King. , they were holding seven-star swords, purple-gold and red gourds, mutton-fat jade bottles, banana fans, golden ropes and other treasures, and they beat the Monkey King even hard to resi