e giant white bull was suddenly attacked, and it struggled desperately. However, the power of the three-legged golden crow was too great, and it was simply not something that the giant white bull could resist. As the three-legged golden crow flapped its wings gently, the giant white bull was immediately lifted up and out of the sea. .

After breaking away from the sea, the giant white bull became more and more frightened, but no matter how hard it struggled, it was of no use.
It was not until the Three-Legged Golden Crow raised it in front of Wei Xiaobei that the giant white bull spoke human language. Although it was only Tianzhu language, Wei Xiaobei could understand it.
/This giant white bull actually cursed at him. Although the way of cursing was extremely ancient and far less rich than modern curse words, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but frown. He stretched out his left hand and pressed it on the forehead of the giant white bull. above.
“Try to curse again? I’m very good at making beef brisket and potatoes stewed!”
Wei Xiaobei’s words were very plain, but they were full of murderous intent. The giant white bull trembled in shock, and opened its huge mouth, but did not dare to spit out a single word.
With the natural acumen of the giant white bull, he could naturally sense Wei Xiaobei’s murderous intent.
At this moment, I was caught by the opponent and couldn’t move. If I was a little more reckless, I might really be cooked. By then, I wouldn’t even be able to cry anymore.
Seeing that the giant white bull was restrained, Wei Xiaobei began to ask questions.
Like other monsters from the gray world, this giant white bull has no idea how it came to reality.
However, it has a lazy nature, and after coming to reality, it didn’t move much. There was a small island nearby for shelter and it settled down.
The reason why it attacked Wei Xiaobei was very simple. The three cow hairs it had collected were stolen!
The three cow hairs are naturally not ordinary things. It is said that they are the three cow hairs behind the ears of the sacred cow Randy. They have been blessed by Lord Shiva and have magical effects.
As for the guy who stole the cow hair, the giant white bull also knew that he was Kubera, the god of wealth in Tianzhu myths and legends.
If someone said that a God of Wealth would commit theft, I’m afraid most people would think it was a joke and nonsense.
But if it is Kubera, the God of Wealth in Tianzhu mythology, then it is normal.
It is said that this God of Wealth was made a god by humans.
Before becoming a god, he was a thief. Because of stealing in the Shiva temple, he encountered an adventure and finally became a god!
/Well, if you add some color to Kubiro’s experience, it would be almost a good online novel.
But apart from these things, this giant white bull didn’t know anything else.
Wei Xiaobei believed that the giant white bull was telling the truth. After all, it was really difficult to lie in front of Wei Xiaobei.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei carefully asked about the appearance of Ku