Land, whether it is humans or creatures, with the infusion of spiritual energy, except for some species with super reproductive abilities, the rest of the creatures will have their reproductive abilities weakened after evolution.

As a result, it took three hundred years for the number of intelligent creatures to increase from 5 billion to 30 billion.
Compared with the prosperity of Aoki Paradise, the current situation of the earth is not good.
To put it simply, the dimensional barrier between the real world and the gray world has become a sieve!
Any kind of monster may appear anywhere on the earth at any time.
Even China has become unstable.
During this period of time, Wei Xiaobei has been thinking about this issue.
Repairing the dimensional barrier between the real world and the gray world has been Wei Xiaobei’s long-cherished wish.
But after his strength reached the bottleneck of the five-star world-destroying peak, Wei Xiaobei discovered that the plane barrier was not so easy to repair.
In other words, with Wei Xiaobei’s current strength, there is no way he can be repaired!
On this day, Wei Xiaobei called his son Wei Qing over to assess his homework.
Three hundred years have passed, and Wei Qing’s seal has long been released. However, because he is the son of Wei Xiaobei, the son of the world of Qingmu Paradise, he has not grown up very fast. Now he only looks like a sixteen-year-old boy, and he still looks like a young man. Slightly green.
“Qing’er, how are you practicing the ancient Golden Crow Fierce Yang Nine Points Technique?”
Wei Xiaobei asked kindly.
“Father, the child can already distinguish the two golden crows.”
Seeing his father questioning him, Wei Qing was not nervous at all, but said happily.
Well, it took three hundred years to practice the ancient Golden Crow Fierce Yang Nine Points Technique to separate two Golden Crow clones. For Wei Xiaobei, it was too slow.
But Wei Xiaobei also knew that he was able to advance by leaps and bounds entirely because of constant fighting and tremendous pressure!
And Wei Qing has been in a completely peaceful environment for the past three hundred years. He is considered a genius to be able to practice the ancient Golden Crow Fiery Sun Nine Points technique to the point where he can separate two Golden Crow clones!
Of course, Wei Xiaobei just wanted to get closer to his son. He didn’t care how powerful Wei Qing was.
With his father around, it is impossible to put his son in danger!
/After questioning for a while, Wei Xiaobei took out a chess set and the two started playing.
Playing chess between father and son has always been a parent-child activity in Wei Xiaobei’s family.
But what makes Wei Xiaobei’s face become more and more ugly is that Wei Qing’s current chess ability has skyrocketed by taking some medicine, so that after playing three games in a row, Wei Xiaobei lost three games, which is really a bit… Losing the face of my father.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was muttering to himself that Wei Qing, a brat like Wei Qing, didn’t even know how