e reduction technique was directly activated, it was raised to a medium level. Okay, this medium level looks a little weird, but it is between a small level and a large level.

Dharma Realm Heaven and Earth is directly promoted from Xiaocheng to Dacheng.
The white lotus merit Buddha light is upgraded to the golden lotus merit Buddha light, and the state is still great.
The ancient Golden Crow Fierce Sun Nine Points Technique is still a great success, but Wei Xiaobei feels that his nine Golden Crow clones have become more agile, and there is a faint feeling that he wants to go out independently.
The method of entrusting the incarnation of objects in Cangxuan Cave was promoted to Dacheng.
In addition, the characteristics have changed from demigod to creator god.
The treatment for any foreign invader in Qingmu Paradise is to be forcibly suppressed with 80% of their strength.
Based on this, Wei Xiaobei is almost invincible in Qingmu Paradise.
And even in other worlds, creatures whose strength is lower than the five-star level cannot attack Wei Xiaobei!
In other words, Wei Xiaobei can kill them at will, but they can only hold on!
Also, as long as one cell remains, Wei Xiaobei can be resurrected on the spot.
But in Wei Xiaobei’s view, if he wanted to beat himself to only one cell, such a powerful enemy might not necessarily exist.
Other than that, nothing else has changed.
After checking the attribute panel, Wei Xiaobei looked at the black hole stone embedded in his right hand.
At this time, the Black Hole Stone has completely integrated into the right hand, as if it has become a part of the right hand.
/Wei Xiaobei’s heart sank and he immediately felt the mystery contained in this black hole stone.
This immediately boosted Wei Xiaobei’s research desire.
However, now that the Black Hole Stone has opened its doors, Wei Xiaobei does not need to spare time to study it. He only needs to pull out a few of his minds and study it alone.
Another problem is that after becoming a five-star elite, Wei Xiaobei found that he could pull the altar of life out of his body.
Initially, Wei Xiaobei planned to place the altar of life in the Qingmu Paradise, leaving a Golden Crow clone to control it in order to cultivate a large number of cultivated creatures.
But after thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei gave up this plan.
If this is done, then when the Life Altar replenishes materials, it will consume the resources in the Aoki Blessed Land. This will actually drag down the development of the Aoki Blessed Land, which is an unwise move.
After saying hello to Tian Yuwen, Wei Xiaobei immediately opened the space channel and stepped into the East China Sea of ??the Gray Realm again.
Wei Xiaobei spent almost a year in Qingmu Paradise, but in the East China Sea of ??the Gray Realm, only more than a month passed.
/But now the East China Sea in the Gray Realm seems to have become extremely tense, and patrolling shrimp soldiers and crab generals can be seen everywhere.
Of course, with Wei Xiaobei’s current strength, he could easily