y where His Majesty the Emperor was scheduled to confer him with a medal, even if the doctor certified that his condition had improved.

However, two months after recovery from infectious pneumonia, it is considered possible to infect others.
Of course, it was impossible for the entire empire to allow His Majesty the Emperor to come into contact with a patient with an infectious disease, so the awarding ceremony was ultimately held in front of the hospital bed.
Patients suffering from pneumonia need to rest, and the warm climate in the south has always been considered beneficial to the recovery of pneumonia patients. After all, the Beru Empire is located in the north. Beru is very cold in winter, which is not conducive to the complete recovery of patients.
So as soon as the New Year was over, Hull took a carriage to Mulant Island, which is a very famous medical holy place in Dunting Kingdom.
Mulant Island is located in the south and has a maritime climate. Although it is winter, it does not feel cold at all. Except at night, just wearing a thin woolen sweater is enough most of the time.
/The slightly salty sea air is also very helpful to patients. Although Hull wasn’t really sick, he did feel comfortable living here.
The most famous thing about Mulant Island is its numerous monasteries. It is precisely because of these monasteries that it is called a medical holy land. Unlike the rigidity and stubbornness in other places in Shuting Kingdom, here as long as you do not violate the doctrines too obviously , no one will care about you.
And the clergy here don’t care what kind of beliefs others have, let alone pagans, it doesn’t matter even if they believe in the devil. As long as they don’t spread heresy everywhere, anyone can stay here, and as long as they pay enough, they can also enjoy holy light treatment.
Like every rich person who comes here to recuperate, Hull receives holy light treatment every day. And like those rich but ignorant people who believe that enjoying more holy light treatment can slow down aging and extend lifespan, he receives holy light treatment every day. Have the therapist come in at least three times.
In the past, the Holy Light was tantamount to torture to him who was full of dark parasites. But now, I don’t know if it’s because of the effect of “Da Le Fu” or the Tai Chi array obtained on the floating ship. Anyway, no matter what nature of energy it is at the moment, as long as it doesn’t come all at once, it can be transformed and absorbed.
Accepting holy light treatment was just to conceal his identity at first, but later, Hull discovered that this was a shortcut to improve his strength.
Holy light is pure life energy. Although it is not as much as the life energy that can be obtained by directly extracting a holy knight, there are not many opportunities to arbitrarily search for holy knights like before. To find a healer to cast the holy light spell, you only need to take As soon as the money comes out, you can get it as much as you want. It’s like the difference between huntin