o withdraw the entire army and retain some strength.

After hearing Zhao Yun’s order, the several generals who came forward couldn’t help but be stunned, and some were reluctant to carry out the order.
After all, it took them a lot of effort and time to build this line of defense. If they give up now, if those iron and stone monsters invade in the future, there will be no barrier at all from Tiewei Mountain to Zhao Yun Camp and even the Great Plains. Said.
“Excuting an order!”
/At this point, Zhao Yun didn’t have much time to explain, so he repeated it in a stiff tone.
Zhao Yun had a high prestige in the army, so after Zhao Yun repeated the military order, the senior generals realized their mistake and did not dare to say anything. They quickly turned around and went to convey the order to the ministries under their jurisdiction.
It has to be said that Zhao Yun is really good at running the army. Even though the ground was shaken violently from time to time by military orders, which made most soldiers unable to stand up straight, the evacuation of the entire defense line was still proceeding in an orderly manner.
Evacuation of the defense line alone is not enough. Naha must be killed or driven away. Otherwise, everything done at this time will be in vain!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei also saw Zhao Yun’s arrival, and couldn’t help but feel certain in his heart. No matter what, people like Zhao Yun can give others confidence.
When Naba has nothing to do, having an extra helper is also a good thing.
The white war horse was already running from the defense line at this time, continuously accelerating, and turned into a white stream of light in an instant.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei evacuated from Ba Xia in time. He knew that Zhao Yun was probably going to make a big move this time.
In the past, Zhao Yun mostly used the Hundred Birds Chaofeng Spear to deal with those monsters.
And this time it should be the Seven Detective Coiled Snake Spear!
Sitting on the galloping horse, Zhao Yun’s body remained motionless, his right hand slowly grasped the spear hanging in front of the saddle, and then he gently raised the spear and stabbed Ba Xia, who was constantly shrinking from the distance!
Seven Detective Coiled Snake Spear!
The spear suddenly thrust out and immediately revealed seven gunflowers. The spearflowers suddenly merged into one, and with Zhao Yun as the core, they suddenly turned into a giant white snake. It opened its mouth and bit down on Naha!
And there are seven extremely sharp teeth in the giant white snake’s mouth, where the seven spear flowers are located.
Even though Zhao Yun was still more than a thousand meters away from Ba Xia when he thrust out the spear, the giant snake crossed the kilometer distance in an instant, appeared in front of Ba Xia, and bit Ba Xia in one bite. On the neck!
/The sound of shattering suddenly came, and the giant snake’s teeth bit into Ba Xia’s neck in shock. The sharp teeth penetrated and the iron and stone shattered.
It seemed that the giant snake had rest