“I can give you, even, I can give you more cuties, bigger cuties than this! But you need to pay some price.”

After brewing for so long, Wei Xiaobei finally unleashed his killer move.
Well, in fact, Wei Xiaobei is not very interested in such methods. Instead of using various means to obtain benefits, Wei Xiaobei prefers to act violently. In that case, the body will be more tired, but the mind will be more relaxed.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei would have done this if he hadn’t been worried about the powerful being behind King Arthur.
“Pay some price? Human, do you know that you are talking to the great three-headed black dragon king?”
/The three-headed black dragon king still dismissed the words of the human being in front of him. When would it be the human’s turn to negotiate terms with him.
/But in less than a few seconds, the three-headed black dragon king’s words became hesitant: “Well, this kind of thing is not non-negotiable.”
At this time, Wei Xiaobei took out a larger crystal from the storage ring, which was as tall as a person!
The shining brilliance and the huge size almost made the three-headed black dragon king unable to straighten his tongue when speaking, and he kept stammering.
“Deal! Human, you can make your request.”
The three-headed black dragon king finally straightened his tongue. As he spoke, he quietly used a finger on his dragon’s claw to dig up the tall crystal in front of Wei Xiaobei in front of him.
Wei Xiaobei babbled and listed more than a dozen clauses. The three-headed black dragon king, who was completely attracted by those crystals, probably couldn’t move his mind at this time. He just subconsciously spat out the words of agreement from his huge mouth. .
But as the Three-Headed Black Dragon King agreed, at that moment, thunder seemed to explode in the sky. Wei Xiaobei and the Three-Headed Black Dragon King formed an inexplicable mysterious connection, and this mysterious connection passed through the three-headed Black Dragon King. The head black dragon king also diffracted towards the other giant dragons, making it seem like a giant net was formed between them.
What’s happening here?
Wei Xiaobei then looked inside to check the situation inside his body. There was nothing abnormal in his body, but there seemed to be some kind of runes forming on his soul. Is this?
After a long time, Wei Xiaobei understood.
So that’s it, is this the unexpected joy after the biological level reaches four-star disaster?
Any promise between two four-star disasters, even if it is verbal, will form a mysterious connection, and this connection should be a guarantee formed by the promise.
If any party violates such a promise, it will suffer unpredictable punishment!
And such a mysterious connection should probably have a direct connection with the gray world.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei could only speculate up to this point. As for what this mysterious connection was, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know.
But no matter what, with such a promise endorsed by Gray Realm, Wei Xiaobei’s plan has an absolute guaran