this world, with only three of their kind.

Well, those subordinates of the East China Sea Dragon Palace are not considered the same kind in their eyes.
That’s why the two dragons were so panicked after discovering that Jiao Li’s life breath had disappeared.
Soon, Jiaolong quickly discovered the charcoal corpses scattered on the sea.
“The old turtle demon is dead.”
The two dragons looked at each other, probably thinking of something, and then after searching for a while, they hurriedly left here.
After Wei Xiaobei crawled out of the big pit at the bottom of the sea, he really couldn’t figure it out. These two dragons actually ran away like this?
However, after Wei Xiaobei recovered a little and caught up with the auras left by the two dragons, he finally saw what the two dragons were doing.
These two dragons were fighting for a pearl on the sea in shock!
The bead seemed to be alive, flying back and forth in the air, dodging the pursuit of the two dragons.
The two dragons were fighting with each other while chasing the bead, looking extremely eager.
That is?
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were directly attracted by the bead at this time.
This bead is extraordinary just by looking at it. It is the size of a fist, and a layer of water ripples around it, giving people the impression that it contains a sea.
Know all things!
Wei Xiaobei knew that the bead that the two dragons could compete for must be some kind of treasure, so without any hesitation, he focused his eyes and immediately activated the omniscience.
Name: Dragon Ball (Introductory Lingbao)
Introduction: It takes five hundred years of true dragon practice to condense a dragon bead. The dragon bead is created by gathering the essence of the true dragon’s breath. It contains a few rules of the ocean and has the power to control the sea. It can be obtained by swallowing it and turning it into a dragon, soaring into the clouds and riding the mist.
Effect 1: Dragon Qi, the dragon beads naturally emit the real dragon Qi, which can frighten hundreds of tribes in the water.
Effect 2: With the power of controlling the sea, carrying the dragon ball, wherever you go, the waves will be calm and the wind will be calm, but with your thoughts, there will be violent storms.
Effect 3: Transform into a dragon. After swallowing a dragon ball, there is a 30% chance of turning into a real dragon, a 50% chance of turning into a dragon, and a 20% chance of turning into a dragon egg.
Effect 4: Soar into the clouds and ride on the mist. Carrying the dragon ball can attract a cloud of mist to fly under your feet.
It’s indeed a treasure!
When Wei Xiaobei read the attribute table of this dragon ball, his eyes couldn’t help but light up.
An entry-level Lingbao-level baby!
When it comes to Lingbao-level treasures, Wei Xiaobei has seen quite a few, and has even made several Lingbao-level dishes.
But Dragon Ball is different.
/Wei Xiaobei has not yet been able to appreciate its dragon energy, power to control the sea, soaring into the clouds and mists, and other effects.