eir lives in order to break through to the fifth-level Templars.

Annabelle Legend went ahead, taking a step that for many years the knights had been unable to take.
“The Legend of Annabelle, can you let us feel the atmosphere of the legendary level?” Lord Ludwig requested.
Lord Ludwig’s proposal was immediately supported by all the guests. They were all very curious about the legendary level and wanted to know what the aura of the real legendary level felt like.
“I have just been promoted, and I am just entering the legendary level for the first time. Since you want to experience it, I will give it a try!” Annabelle Legend said while releasing her aura.
/A faint coercion dissipated, giving all the guests a creepy feeling. This was because they sensed the approaching danger.
Annabelle’s legend immediately restrained its aura as soon as it was released. She has not yet completely controlled the legendary realm, and there are not all fifth-level Templars here. If she accidentally hurts a guest, it will become a joke.
“What a powerful aura!” Lord Ludwig said with envy flashing in his eyes.
/The effect of this coercion on the fifth-level Templars is not obvious, but it is just coercion. Through the coercion, one can imagine how powerful Annabelle’s attack will be.
“The strongest thing about the legendary level is the application of rules, which I haven’t started yet!” Annabelle Legend said modestly.
The guests carefully wrote down Annabelle’s legendary words one by one. This is a valuable experience from the legendary level. You must know that many knights present only know the legendary level only by the name of the realm “Legend”.
Next, the guests asked many questions to Annabelle Legend. Annabelle Legend answered them carefully if they could. If they couldn’t answer, they just explained directly.
Naturally, these guests would not ask too many questions, such as where Annabelle obtained the legendary knight training method, or the detailed process of promotion.
Sipping fine wine, eating delicious food, and listening to Annabelle’s legend, the atmosphere in the hall became more harmonious.
“Everyone, please wait for the question. Next is the highlight of the reception, the spiritual red wine brewed by Lord Arthur himself. Thank you Lord Arthur!” Annabelle Legend saw a robot holding a small wooden wine barrel. Come here, she said with a smile.
“Spirit red wine?”
Here are all extremely noble people, but they have never heard of spiritual red wine.
They all know that spiritual things and red wine can be separated, but they have never heard of the combination of spiritual things and red wine. Could it be that the brewing process can turn red wine into spiritual things?
In the midst of doubts, the small wooden wine barrel was opened, and a scent of wine accompanied by a trace of strange energy made every guest at the reception feel clear in their souls. They even felt that their souls had improved a bit.
Just sniffing it has this kind of benefit, so what will be the effect of drinking this spiritual red wine?