etely reject the idol.

After all, if a believer spurns an idol, it means that the believer has abandoned the god he believes in. This chance is extremely low.
This may happen to a few believers, but more than 80% of the believers usually will not do this. After all, the religious organizational structure set up by Wei Xiaobei determines that those believers will spurn the bishops and other clergy, instead of giving them The sun god they hoped for.
/The remaining possibilities are all more likely to occur.
In fact, even ordinary humans can swallow divinity. As for whether they live or die after swallowing divinity, it depends on luck. Of course, under normal circumstances, most ordinary humans who swallow divinity will. If the body explodes and dies, even those who survive the body explosion test will be manipulated by the power contained in divinity because their will is not strong enough, and they will become low-IQ creatures like the vassals of divinity.
In addition, it is more likely that the statue will be completely destroyed.
After all, Japan is in extreme chaos at this time. Although the number of ghosts in reality is decreasing with the continuous eradication, it does not mean that Japan has become safer.
The battle between ghosts and humans, and the battle between humans and humans, exists on this island country.
In fact, before this, the gathering places of humans who believed in the Sun God were also destroyed by other forces. However, due to the desperate efforts of those believers, the statue was saved.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei still needs to go to Japan to find out how this divinity disappeared.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei had to leave immediately even if he was greedy for the Xuanhuang Merit Juice that could be collected here.
Xu Feiyang was a little confused after hearing Wei Xiaobei’s suggestion.
Invite a group of monks and Taoist priests to open a land and water dojo? Is this a joke?
/It’s no wonder Xu Feiyang thinks so.
Before monsters invaded reality, when someone’s family member died, asking monks or Taoists to open a land and water dojo was just a kind of spiritual sustenance. As for what effect it had, everyone could only say haha.
To put it bluntly, many people do not believe that this water and land dojo can really save the dead, and Xu Feiyang is one of them.
He didn’t even believe in the existence of ghosts before.
Indeed, in the previous reality, ghosts did not exist, but as monsters invaded reality, the strict rules of reality were shaken by the impact of the gray world, so that many things that did not exist in reality before appeared. .
Wei Xiaobei told Yang Tingting his suggestion and didn’t care whether Xu Feiyang really listened to it, but called Yang Tingting into a room alone.
Yang Tingting couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about the master calling her in alone, and she didn’t know what the master wanted to do with her.
Just when Yang Tingting started to have random thoughts in her mind, Wei Xiaobei took out a half-broken bronze Buddha head from the storage ring