e submarine.

In the hands of Long Bo’s people, submarines are as miserable as tofu.
But not long after, the people of Long Bo hissed in pain.
That is?
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes immediately fell on the hands of Long Bo’s people. In the dim sea water, traces of weird green light appeared on the edges of Long Bo’s people’s hands.
It’s intense radiation!
Yes, Wei Xiaobei remembered at this time that those two submarines were not ordinary diesel-powered submarines, but nuclear-powered submarines!
Although this kind of submarine is not loaded with nuclear missiles, its power part is a nuclear reactor!
The people of Longbo crushed the two submarines into scrap metal, and the nuclear reactor inside was no exception.
This will inevitably cause the leakage of nuclear materials and form strong nuclear radiation.
How could the people of Longbo be harmed by nuclear radiation?
Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised when he discovered this. You must know that a green dragon Wei Xiaobei once saw was not afraid of nuclear radiation. It was even able to sleep with nuclear fuel rods to absorb the terrifying energy inside them and increase their energy levels. My own strength!
And this Long Bo’s people were only contaminated with some broken nuclear materials, and injuries appeared on the edges of their palms.
Are the people of Long Bo too careless?
But not long after, the Qi and blood in the palms of the people of Long Bo were vigorous, and the core material was discharged bit by bit from the palms.
Wei Xiaobei was not surprised by this. Long Bo’s people could wear away the ink painting of the giant pen fairy bit by bit with their blood, not to mention the nuclear raw material.
As for the remaining nuclear radiation, the people of Long Bo had no need to worry about nuclear radiation invading their bodies.
On the U.S. side, since the two nuclear attack submarines completely lost contact not long after they arrived in the target waters, U.S. senior officials knew from top to bottom that the two submarines were probably dead.
After being attacked by more than a hundred cruise missiles, the giant was able to kill two nuclear attack submarines. To be honest, this news was not wonderful to the top leaders of the United States.
This shows that the giant’s injury is probably not serious.
The most terrible thing is that at this time, a large passenger plane passed by from an altitude of 10,000 meters and flew towards the United States.
/The people of Longbo must have heard the sound of the passenger plane passing by. They quickly raised their heads out of the sea, looked up at the passenger plane above, and then sank into the sea.
And when Long Bo’s people emerged from the sea again, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes widened.
The people of Longbo each held a handful of broken coral reefs in their hands!
Does it want it?
Sure enough, Long Bo’s people didn’t pause at all at this time. They took the lead in throwing the handful of broken coral reefs towards the passenger plane high in the sky with their right hand, and then threw it with their left