the spirit bead will not release a massive amount of soul energy and yin energy at once.

The Yin Qi was released bit by bit, and Wei Xiaobei was able to excrete it quickly.
Therefore, not long after, Wei Xiaobei’s body was enveloped by a cloud of Yin Qi. Snowflakes began to condense in the air outside his body, and drifted out with the wind. At first glance, he thought a snow girl appeared.
But in this way, Wei Xiaobei’s idea of ??letting the Yin Qi be absorbed by Qingmu Paradise came to nothing.
Wei Xiaobei doesn’t have so much time to waste on this now.
By this time, most of Wei Xiaobei’s matters were settled.
Some of the previous gains have been transformed into one’s own strength, or are in the process of being transformed.
/After Wei Xiaobei saluted Qing Niu who was sitting next to Long Bo’s people, he left Qingmu Paradise and reappeared on the roof of the building.
As soon as Wei Xiaobei stood firm on the roof, he felt a powerful aura erupting from the building not far away, and it quickly climbed up in the blink of an eye.
In less than ten breaths, this powerful aura reached its peak and then disappeared.
This aura was far inferior to Wei Xiaobei’s, but Wei Xiaobei could feel the familiarity of this aura.
This is Zhao Guang’s aura!
Did he break through?
Wei Xiaobei was 90% sure of this.
However, seeing is believing and hearing is believing. Wei Xiaobei lifted his legs lightly and lightly crossed the parapet on the roof, falling towards the ground.
In fact, there were quite a few people who could feel this aura. Many core disciples ran out of the building with shocked faces, and some people stuck their heads out of the windows to check the situation.
The building next to the Weijiadao office building is the Weijiadao accommodation building. Both direct disciples such as Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun and Weijiadao’s core disciples all live here.
When Wei Xiaobei fell to the ground, Zhao Guang was stepping out of the door of the dormitory building. He was holding a silver gun in his hand. When he saw Wei Xiaobei, his face was filled with joy: “Thank you, uncle, my nephew has made a breakthrough.” Now! My nephew needs to consolidate now!”
Just by looking at the aura faintly emanating from Zhao Guang’s body, Wei Xiaobei knew that, as expected, Zhao Guang had broken through from a four-star ordinary to a four-star elite!
And after breaking through to the four-star elite, it has moved up a lot. To put it simply, its current strength should be above the middle level of the four-star elite.
Wei Xiaobei nodded and waved his hand: “Go, don’t delay.”
Indeed, Wei Xiaobei also knew that after such a breakthrough, it was the best time to steadily improve his strength.
As long as it is stable and stable, relying on the insights from the breakthrough, I can actually increase my strength by a small amount!
This situation is normal.
Especially those who have accumulated a lot of experience like Zhao Guang can often improve a lot.
On the other hand, some guys who barely manage to break through may not be able t