s position may not look like much, but in fact, it is the deputy to the chairman of the special committee!

It can even be said that he is the person directly responsible for daily affairs.
This position also requires a lot of intelligence support to be qualified.
/Undoubtedly, Xu Feiyang wanted to get exact information from Wei Xiaobei so that he could make a judgment on the situation in Java.
You know, for this evacuation of overseas Chinese, although China has only sent one aircraft carrier fleet, if necessary, it can even send three aircraft carrier fleets to try to evacuate all overseas Chinese.
If this job is done well, Xu Feiyang’s position will be secure.
After Xu Feiyang stopped talking, Wei Xiaobei told him what he had learned and asked for the password for the aircraft carrier fleet’s communication channel.
Wei Xiaobei’s satellite phone can be directly connected to other communication channels, but without a password, it is impossible to successfully connect.
“Okay, no problem. The communication channel password of the aircraft carrier fleet is 8899TGSHJ. I will ask the chairman for instructions first so that the aircraft carrier fleet can cooperate with your actions as much as possible!”
To be honest, when Xu Feiyang said such a long sentence, the most critical point was the last sentence.
With the cooperation of the aircraft carrier fleet, it would be much easier for Wei Xiaobei to rescue the more than 30,000 overseas Chinese.
Otherwise, even if Wei Xiaobei rescued them, Wei Xiaobei would have to worry about where to move so many people and how to feed and drink so many people.
Although there are a lot of ingredients stored in the storage ring, if divided by thirty thousand, there is not much. At most, it can only give them a full meal, and that’s it.
After waiting for more than two hours, Xu Feiyang called back and gave Wei Xiaobei an alphabetical password.
This string of alphabetical passwords is not the communication channel password, but the authorization password of the Chinese military, which is valid for one month.
Well, to put it bluntly, after contacting the aircraft carrier fleet, you only need to inform the other party’s top commander of this authorization code, and then in the next month, the aircraft carrier fleet will act according to Wei Xiaobei’s orders.
After hearing Xu Feiyang’s explanation, Wei Xiaobei had to be shocked by the Chinese military’s generosity, and couldn’t help but joke with Xu Feiyang: “If I ask them to fight against the United States, will they also go? ”
“Yes! So Boss Wei, please stop scaring me with jokes.”
Xu Feiyang was a little helpless at Wei Xiaobei’s joke. To be honest, he was really afraid that Wei Xiaobei would have a seizure and let the aircraft carrier fleet do something, so he couldn’t help but beg for mercy.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not a fool. In fact, he couldn’t even joke about this kind of thing.
You must know that although the reality of monster invasion has caused chaos around the world, the relationship between China and the Unit