The impact on Wei Xiaobei’s body after taking this spirit bead was not too big. In addition to his strong strength, he was also used to the erosion of Yin Qi on his body.
Of course, after they rest and recover, they will know the benefits of this spirit bead to them.
After saluting Wei Xiaobei, Zhu Xinyi and other disciples said goodbye and left.
Wei Xiaobei and Zhao Guang were the only ones left in the room.
Wei Xiaobei frowned and looked at the mess in the room. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly and shook his head, motioning for Zhao Guang to follow him.
When Zhao Guang saw this, he didn’t ask any questions and followed Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei went straight to the roof and took out dragon scale pots, tables, benches, cutting boards and other kitchen supplies from the storage ring. While busy, he talked to Zhao Guang.
Zhao Guang rarely spends time with his second uncle these days, but he has accumulated a lot of words in his mind. When he saw this, he went to help and at the same time asked Wei Xiaobei for some questions he had about spear skills.
Who has better spear skills between Zhao Guang and Wei Xiaobei?
This is hard to argue with.
Zhao Guangnai’s marksmanship is passed down from his family. He has practiced marksmanship with his father Zhao Yun and his eldest brother Zhao Tong since he was a child. He has also participated in many battles. Despite his young age, he can be regarded as a fierce general.
Wei Xiaobei is different from Zhao Guang. He started out as a boxer, and then practiced Liuhe Spear. After entering the Gray Realm of Fengtou Mountain, he studied with Zhao Yun for a period of time, and then entered the Shaolin Temple Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, recording in his mind. He has acquired many rare books on marksmanship.
After fighting along the way, Wei Xiaobei’s spear skills have also reached perfection. The big gun can emit gun light, form gun aura, and kill the enemy. He has a deep understanding of spear skills.
Of course, if Zhao Guang and Wei Xiaobei were to fight to the death, Wei Xiaobei would undoubtedly win.
But it’s hard to say if they just compare each other’s spear skills.
However, Zhao Guang also felt that he benefited a lot from the exchange with Wei Xiaobei.
/In fact, many martial arts masters in history are good at learning. They learn from those who are stronger than themselves, learn from those who are weaker than themselves, and even learn from jackals, tigers, leopards, mosquitoes, mantises, etc.
Zhao Guang also knows that his spear skills have reached the bottleneck for a long time. Only by learning the differences from others can he break through the bottleneck of his spear skills!
For this reason, in the past, Zhao Guang had asked Zhao Guang for advice from all Gray Realm practitioners who had some attainments in spear skills within Cuihu City.
However, in today’s society, there are too few martial arts practitioners who can practice spear skills to a certain level.
Although Zhao Guang had some benefits, it was completely different from what his seco