I just don’t want to break it. I even helped you strengthen the seal.”

The emperor’s pupils shrank. His eldest disciple Jiang Zhongfu had already reported this to him. At that time, he suspected that it was Xu Ying himself who strengthened the five-character seal.
This speculation became his inner demon and tortured him for a while. He had to kill the inner demon and throw it into Wei Xu.
Unexpectedly, today, this guess was confirmed.
The question of why Xu Ying reinforced the seal was about to become his new inner demon.
“Promise, if you hadn’t been defeated back then and hadn’t wasted fifty thousand years, then you and I can still fight against each other today.”
The emperor was quite emotional and said, “But you have wasted fifty thousand years of time, and during these fifty thousand years, I have continued to make progress. My achievements in these years have reached a level that is beyond your reach.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “But you have never broken my immortal spirit.”
“not necessarily.”
The emperor looked calm and said, “You should have seen my Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extermination Immortal Formation, right? This Immortal Formation, with Bai Yuchuan displaying it, is enough to destroy your immortal true spirit? What if it were me? Come and perform?”
Xu Ying’s face changed slightly.
When Mr. Yuchuan sacrificed the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extermination Immortal Formation, even if the person was dead, the Immortal Formation still severely injured Xu Ying. The Immortal Formation left Xu Ying with Taoist injuries until Xu Ying understood the Immortal Spirit. Just cured!
If the emperor personally comes to use the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extermination Immortal Formation, it will be more powerful than Tamagawa, there will only be more changes, and naturally the danger will be greater!
This immortal formation was designed by the emperor after 48,000 years of hard thinking to destroy his immortal true spirit. It is indeed possible to destroy his immortal true spirit!
His sharp words pointed directly at the weakest point in Xu Ying’s heart, severely attacking Xu Ying’s confidence and belief!
However, once you use the nine magic weapons, you will never give up.
After all, that was a solid improvement in strength, and that was his hope of defeating a powerful enemy!
Abandoning the nine magic weapons, he promised that he could only compete with earthly immortals and heavenly immortals at most, and any immortal king who came would be able to defeat him and flee!
How can such a promise inspire the hearts of the ancestral family and gather the power to resist the fairy world?
King Dong frowned slightly. He felt keenly that Xu Ying had been affected by the emperor’s words and was shaken in his belief.
“Xu Ying, how do you deal with my Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extermination Immortal Formation like this?”
The emperor’s clone raised his eyebrows.
Xu Ying said with a faint smile: “Besides, do you dare to use a real trick and expose your own strength?”
/Xu Ying’s words hit the emperor’s heart