s, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

There are also rocks, soil and even bright gems taken from Heaven Mountain, which are full of positive energy. They should be more or less useful in dealing with those curses.
When it came to Wei Xiaobei’s trip, Tu Qingqing was initially a little uneasy and planned to go along.
How could Wei Xiaobei let his wife go on an adventure with him? Besides, if Tu Qingqing was not in charge of Weijia Island, Wei Xiaobei was a little worried.
After a while of good talk and hard work in “farming”, Wei Xiaobei finally calmed down Tu Qingqing.
But Tu Qingqing turned around and pushed Xiaohong towards Wei Xiaobei, forcing Wei Xiaobei to take Xiaohong with him.
Early the next morning, Wei Xiaobei quietly boarded the passenger plane and rushed towards Europa.
There are no direct flights from Lesnia to Neros. Of course, even if there were, they would probably be suspended now.
/Wei Xiaobei was on a passenger plane bound for Italy. After arriving in Italy, he could take a short-distance passenger plane to Aita, a neighboring country of Niros, or run there by himself.
The passenger plane flew along the equator, and there were no accidents along the way.
This also made Wei Xiaobei relax a little.
/After touching Xiao Hong who was hiding in his collar, Wei Xiaobei focused on the new genetic test.
Wei Xiaobei’s previous experiment of trying to transfer the abilities of the weak to ordinary people was a complete failure.
After testing the weak pig’s genes from beginning to end, Wei Xiaobei discovered that the weak ability was derived from the weak pig’s overall genes. It was basically impossible to transplant it alone.
So now, Wei Xiaobei focuses his main energy on improving the strength of ordinary people.
Although the current cultivated creatures have the ability to fight evolution, the foundation of ordinary people is too weak, and the speed of combat evolution to improve strength is not very fast.
Therefore, for now, improving the basic strength of ordinary people is the way to go.
However, this is not so easy to succeed.
When the genes of other creatures and monsters are integrated into the genes of ordinary people, it is easy for some accidents to occur.
If too many genes are integrated, ordinary people may develop some corresponding external characteristics, such as growing a pig’s mouth, chicken legs, feathers, scales, etc.
However, if there are too few genes integrated, it will be difficult to improve the basic strength of ordinary people.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needs a little bit of testing in order to achieve the best results.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei’s intelligence attribute has now reached 100 points, and he has four in his mind. The test speed is more than ten times faster than before.
Not to mention that the speed of the brain cannot match that of a supercomputer, but at least it can act as a small server.
When the passenger plane was refueling in a certain country in the Middle East, Wei Xiaobei completed the preliminary modulation of the common people’s gen