he previous life, there was a part that participated in the three elements.

Chu Weiyang’s thoughts were no longer just on the “Xuanlong Lying Sleeping Dream Technique”.
In the hazy and vague way, Chu Weiyang’s feelings told Chu Weiyang that perhaps if he continued to cultivate deeply on this road, which was suitable for both movement and stillness, he might at least be able to teach Chu Weiyang how to mix within the scope of thunder method. Each method merges all Qi into one thunder!
Of course, everything is still immature now, and even the body shapes and postures I put on the paper are just the beginning of this path.
As he looked more closely, Yun Han seemed to have glimpsed the majestic truth that contained Chu Weiyang’s “ambition”.
For a moment, whether it was because of Tao and Dharma or because of the figure itself, Yun Han seemed to be slightly frightened.
“Senior brother, how about we test it out?”
“That’s fine.”
This is probably really a case of Taoism practice with different paths leading to the same goal.
Perhaps it was the combination of the three elements, or the secrets that jointly demonstrated the way of physical training, the shame accumulated step by step, and finally the teaching letter seemed a bit shameless in front of others.
/It seems to be above the seven emotions, but it also seems to be deserted.
These contradictory states of mind intertwined with each other and evolved into pure shame and anger itself.
In the end, Yun Han didn’t even take out the Lei Yuan Dan that he had refined earlier. He only took care of his junior brother Yun Ping’s injuries that were about to be healed. The stubborn disease lingering in the root marrow gradually became stronger with the accumulation of Wu Qi. After being pulled out, while Yun Ping was still in a coma, he taught Yun Han to take him straight away and return to Tianyuan Daocheng.
/However, before parting, Yun Han secretly said something about the Lei Dao Baodan. However, Chu Weiyang’s “more easy” Taoist method is still in the process of creation and sorting out. When you are truly successful and able to practice all kinds of things, Yunhan will probably return at that time, mix the precious medicine with Chu Weiyang, and take it together.
Perhaps those who have been immersed in quiet meditation in the past years are accustomed to saying such words whose thoughts are always beyond the words.
However, Chu Weiyang could probably understand the “implication” of Yun Han’s words. It was just a series of defeats in one encounter that made her difficult to resist and unwilling to accept.
Therefore, he was like an unconvinced child, sniffing his red nose while tremblingly uttering harsh words and agreeing to decide the outcome in the future.
Perhaps it is to express one’s own thoughts and some unique interests in this way.
Even though this path is a bit weak, I still really want to stay on this path.
However, after Yun Han said goodbye briefly, Chu Weiyang was immersed in the pure study, modification and adjustment of the body and posture for a