reacted. He couldn’t help but blush, coughed twice, and said to Tu Qingqing, who was a little depressed: “The construction here hasn’t been completed yet, shall we go out?”

But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that although Tu Qingqing was a little depressed, she looked around with great curiosity, and then said something that surprised even Wei Xiaobei.
“My husband is indeed very capable. He is actually able to stand on his own. He is on par with Qingqing’s ancestor, the Tushan clan.”
Wei Xiaobei was certainly not a fool. After being slightly surprised, he reacted.
The Tushan clan Tu Qingqing mentioned was naturally the Qingqiu ancestor who married Dayu back then.
According to Tu Qingqing, the Qingqiu country is also independent from the gray world. However, due to some disconnections in the country, the distance between Qingqiu country and the gray world is getting closer and closer.
When he said this, Tu Qingqing’s eyes seemed to sparkle when she looked at Wei Xiaobei.
“You and I are one husband and wife. If you have anything to say, just say it.”
/Wei Xiaobei could barely guess what Tu Qingqing wanted to say, but he still needed to confirm.
Sure enough, Wei Xiaobei guessed Tu Qingqing’s thoughts.
/To put it bluntly, I just want Wei Xiaobei to go to the Country of Qingqiu to help.
The main reason for this is that the space of Qingqiu Country is constantly affected by the Gray World. If this pace continues, it may not be long before Qingqiu Country will break away from its independent space and merge with the Gray World.
And what does the gray world look like now?
Even Wei Xiaobei knows a thing or two.
Those so-called abandoned places are no joke.
Once the Kingdom of Qingqiu and the Gray Realm merge into one, the final outcome will be that the spiritual energy will dissipate and become an abandoned place.
After listening to Tu Qingqing’s words, Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment, made some calculations, and came to a conclusion.
In terms of understanding the mysteries of space, it will take at least five years to reach the point where I can separate the Kingdom of Qingqiu from the Gray World!
The question is, can the Kingdom of Qingqiu wait five years?
“Only five years? Husband, you are awesome!”
After hearing Wei Xiaobei’s answer, Tu Qingqing felt a rare surprise.
Well, in fact, it will take at least fifty years for the Kingdom of Qingqiu and the Gray Realm to merge into one!
Of course, in the eyes of the Qingqiu clan, fifty years is a very short time.
After getting Wei Xiaobei’s promise, Tu Qingqing did not continue to disturb Wei Xiaobei, but stepped on the clouds and returned to Wei Family Island.
As the mistress of Weijia Island, Tu Qingqing had to deal with a lot of things, especially when Wei Xiaobei was the hands-off shopkeeper.
After Tu Qingqing left, Wei Xiaobei briefly thought about what happened in the cave before, then he calmed down his thoughts and focused on the gray boundary stone.
After successfully creating that small space, the blue light in the center of the gray