ed is extremely fast!

But the big ink gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand finally blocked the white light.
It has to be said that Wei Xiaobei was a little afraid of existences like Seraphim before. After all, when Wei Xiaobei was still relatively weak, he had seen how powerful these Seraphs were.
So much so that now, Wei Xiaobei has a little shadow in his heart. In this way, Wei Xiaobei used sneak attacks to deal with this seraph.
But after blocking the Seraph attack head-on this time, Wei Xiaobei’s little psychological shadow disappeared immediately.
The big gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand even stabbed forward violently, and the electric light gathered on the gun head, forming a spiral torrent of electric light, which headed towards the seraph.
/To be honest, the seraph was a bit arrogant. When he saw Wei Xiaobei shooting at him, instead of being afraid, there was a trace of contempt on his face. He slightly retracted the sword in his hand and swept forward again.
The white light pillar actually grew in size, and Wei Xiaobei could even feel a destructive power from the white light pillar!
The tip of the big gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand collided with the white beam of light again.
But in this collision, Wei Xiaobei could not get any advantage.
/In an instant, Wei Xiaobei and his gun were thrown away by the white beam of light. In less than half a breath, Wei Xiaobei flew a thousand meters away, and the big gun in his hand was even hit by the white beam of light. It was bent to the extreme by the impact, and the tip of the spear was almost touching Wei Xiaobei’s nose.
If the power grid hadn’t been tight enough, the white light would have probably swallowed Wei Xiaobei up.
What a strong impact!
Wei Xiaobei’s heart was shocked. You must know that with Wei Xiaobei’s power, if he wanted to fly him away, the power contained in it would be unimaginable to ordinary people.
A moment later, another white beam of light chased towards Wei Xiaobei.
I hate this kind of enemy who is good at long-range attacks!
It had to be said that this seraph had some tricks up his sleeve, and in an instant, he beat Wei Xiaobei flying in all directions.
White lights continued to chase Wei Xiaobei, and each white light contained enough power to seriously injure Wei Xiaobei.
However, under Wei Xiaobei’s back and forth resistance, the white light failed to cause much damage to Wei Xiaobei. At most, it only caused some burning scars on Wei Xiaobei’s skin.
But under such circumstances, Wei Xiaobei also seemed embarrassed.
Seraph’s long-range attack method was really a bit abnormal. Wei Xiaobei couldn’t rush to its side at all and could only be chased by the white light.
Of course, what made Wei Xiaobei vomit blood the most was that the Valkyrie not only did not come forward to help, nor did she go to clean up the battlefield, but instead watched the battle on a horse, completely pretending to be watching a show.
Even if the Valkyrie didn’t intervene, after Wei Xiaobei captured the seraph, he could actually sell a bigger favor, which would be m