But just when Wei Xiaobei felt a little unhappy, Valkyrie came up with a way that might be able to solve Wei Xiaobei’s problem.
“any solution?”
At this time, Valkyrie has undoubtedly become the straw in Wei Xiaobei’s hands. If the purpose of this trip cannot be achieved, Wei Xiaobei’s only option is to move the World Tree to his own space.
But the question is, is this something that is possible to succeed?
“I’ll take you to the Wisdom Fountain.”
/Wei Xiaobei was slightly startled by the method Valkyrie said.
Wei Xiaobei had forgotten this.
I remember that there is such a record in Nordic mythology and legends. In order to increase his intelligence, predict the future, and better rule the world, the Lord God Odin found the Fountain of Wisdom and wanted to take a sip of the spring water.
But the giant guarding the Fountain of Wisdom asked Odin to use one of his eyes as a price. Odin immediately dug out one of his eyes without any hesitation!
It was precisely because of drinking the spring water of wisdom that Odin became erudite and invented ancient Nordic writing.
In short, the status of this fountain of wisdom in myths and legends is no less high than that of the fountain of youth.
This Valkyrie actually knows where the Fountain of Wisdom is?
This point made Wei Xiaobei’s heart skip a beat.
Valkyrie led the way, and Wei Xiaobei followed. The two soon arrived at the trunk of the World Tree. After the Valkyrie circled half a circle around the World Tree, they found a huge hole.
Seeing the Valkyrie step into the cave without hesitation, Wei Xiaobei immediately followed.
In fact, the cave was not dark at all. It was filled with a faint green fluorescence, illuminating the huge passage relatively brightly.
Along the passage all the way outward, every few hundred meters, the passage would branch into three forks, but the Valkyrie did not pause at all, and then chose a fork to continue walking.
It can be said that even Wei Xiaobei himself might get lost in the face of such cross roads that keep appearing.
Perhaps because she was worried that Wei Xiaobei would be too boring, Valkyrie also softly introduced some things to Wei Xiaobei on the way down.
For example, in this downward passage, even though there are so many forks, in the end only three passages can reach the deepest point, while the other passages are all mazes that cannot be returned.
These three passages lead to three different places.
Wuerde Spring, it is said that the three goddesses of destiny live near this spring, so this spring is also called the Spring of Destiny.
Mimir’s Spring is the fountain of wisdom. The giant Mimir lives here, which is why the name of this spring comes from.
Niflheim, the Kingdom of Fog, also known as the Kingdom of Hades, is the kingdom of Hades Hel. It is said that all the souls of the dead live here. It is extremely cold with ice and snow.
However, now, only the Fountain of Wisdom can be reached from these three places. The connection between the Fountain of Destiny, the Fountain of Destiny, the Kingdo