s dead soldier and doubted Hu San’s previous statement.

The assassination was not an assassination, it was just a lesson.
Is there a possibility that it was indeed an assassination? The West Palace was affected by the intelligence delay and miscalculated the true realm of the two brothers.
Not to mention, it may be very big, especially for him. It is estimated that the strength of the two purple guards in Ningzhou over there at the West Prince’s Mansion, one is written as innate, and the other is written as a god.
“That’s not right. If we really investigate carefully, I have the ability to kill the Void Realm when I transformed into a god. The Emperor’s Sect knows it very well. It shouldn’t be difficult for the West Prince’s Mansion to find this out.”
Lu Bei muttered to himself, casting his thoughts away with doubts, and after a moment he suddenly realized.
He smiled, and his conscience made it more reasonable. When the dead soldiers were arrayed, he walked out of the pavilion with his knife in hand.
Under the night, golden light and shadow interspersed vertically and horizontally, and the afterimages chopped down the straight swords. After cutting down a group of dead soldiers, the golden afterimages moved forward one by one and overlapped, and finally returned to one place.
Lu Bei shook off the red blade of the blade and raised his eyebrows to look at the shadow of the courtyard wall: “Don’t hide it. I’ve explored that bush before. How many trees and grass can bury a few royal robes and jade seals? I remember Clearly.”
After the words fell, the dark place on the courtyard wall twisted into a shadow, and a big tree disappeared without a trace, replaced by a woman with a covered face.
The figure is acceptable, the eyes are lively, and the face is not much different for the time being.
“What a dog official. Although the Dongwang lineage is not a good thing, you still deserve to die.” The woman said coldly.
“If saying this will make you feel better when swinging the knife, Lu will not refute it.”
/Lu Bei chuckled: “Hurry up, while it’s still dark and there’s still some time before the rooster crows. After you and I finish our gestures, we can do some happy things.”
Dog officer!
Hearing the obscene words, the woman’s murderous aura surged, and she opened her own little world for a moment. The frozen cold air fell, and Lu Bei’s expression was strange.
/He had seen this technique before. It was one of the Hanquan Forbidden Codex of the Emperor’s Sect. It was this technique that Zhu Qilan practiced before he obtained the Western Jade Emperor’s Dao Sutra.
There was nothing to say in the end, and Zhu Qilan was depressed for a long time.
Lu Bei is familiar with the killing moves of Hanquan Forbidden Code, and Tianke’s Taiyin killing power is at his side. Use this technique to deal with him.
This is a free rhythm!
So the question becomes, is this assassin a relative of his, a cousin or a cousin? Is it possible that he is his eldest niece?
Lu Bei was meditating in the cold wind. The woman looked in his eyes