lling to do these things.

The two parties sat in the conference room and drank tea for a while. Mr. Li Shaohua was quite talkative. From the security base’s contribution to the stability of Cuihu City to the good design of the security base’s buildings, etc., they talked with Wei in one breath. Xiaobei chatted for a long time.
Although Wei Xiaobei’s patience was quite good, considering that he needed to go to Baita County to deal with some matters, Wei Xiaobei had no intention of wasting time talking nonsense with the other party.
“Mr. Li Shaohua, tell me, why are you here this time?”
Wei Xiaobei put down the tea in his hand and looked at the plenipotentiary representative and asked.
Although Li Shaohua held a high and powerful position, he was still just an ordinary human being. Under the gaze of a powerful being like Wei Xiaobei, a cold sweat broke out on his back for no reason.
/After laughing twice, Li Shaohua had no choice but to put down his tea and finally revealed his purpose.
It must be said that Wei Xiaobei’s judgment was quite accurate.
The Chairman of the Internal Security Committee came here to ask Weijiadao to help deal with some monsters.
The money is easy to talk about, but there is only one weird requirement.
That is to ask Weijiadao not to publicize this matter, and to appear as an investigation team when performing tasks.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt there was no problem with this request, not to mention that if he appeared as an investigation team, he could actually cover up some of the situation on Weijia Island.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei also knew the reason why Li Shaohua made this request.
As the highest authority in China, it is conceivable that the National Council was under great pressure when monsters from the gray world appeared. And here, as the chairman of the Internal Security Committee, Li Shaohua was under the greatest pressure.
The reason is very simple. Although the situation in China is still under control, the impact is not small, especially several cities with a long history, which are basically occupied by monsters.
Under such circumstances, Li Shaohua couldn’t stand it any longer, and naturally wanted to make some achievements to avoid losing the election in the next committee chairman election.
Of course, the National Guard can’t be counted on.
Now the main force in the country to deal with monsters has been changed from the National Guard to the regular army, and the National Guard is just a miscellaneous force that helps guard the city and so on.
External organizations like Weijiadao, which takes money to do things, naturally become Li Shaohua’s first choice.
As long as the monster is killed and the situation improves, it will be Li Shaohua’s achievement!
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that in Wei Xiaobei’s view, Li Shaohua’s so-called plenipotentiary representative may be a little wet.
Thinking about it, I am afraid that many congressmen are going to make trouble for Li Shaohua. How can it be possible to elect Li Shaohua as the plenipotent