lt the emotions of the Life Altar. Well, the Life Altar seemed to be painful and happy at the same time, just like the sensual happiness and the burning pain on the tongue of a spicy addict when they eat devil’s pepper.

There is no doubt that even something as magical as the Altar of Life is not completely fine when faced with nuclear radiation.
Wei Xiaobei could feel that the Life Altar was evolving at this time. If the previous evolution of the Life Altar was quantitative, then this evolution should be considered qualitative.
Of course, this evolution speed is not fast, but as the meat shreds are further strengthened and can last longer under nuclear radiation, the number of nuclear raw material particles extracted increases, and the evolution speed of the Life Altar is also increasing. .
About an hour later, all that was left of the nuclear fuel rod was a zirconium shell, and the nuclear material inside was drained away by the corrosion of the flesh wire!
Need more nuclear fuel rods!
/This was the message sent to Wei Xiaobei by the Life Altar.
However, Wei Xiaobei ignored the request of the Life Altar for the time being, and then cultivated a common man.
Wei Xiaobei wanted to see what changes had taken place in the Life Altar after absorbing nuclear materials.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that this cultivated common man did not show the kind of mutations seen in many novels.
There was no such thing as rotten skin all over the body, like a zombie, etc.
/On the contrary, this ordinary person’s strength has been slightly improved compared to the previous ordinary people, and the most important thing is that his intelligence has been improved!
This is an unexpected surprise!
Next, Wei Xiaobei cultivated other creatures.
Digging pigs, high-temperature birds, hidden wolves, etc., the strength of these cultivated creatures has been slightly improved, but their intelligence remains the same as before.
Of all the cultivated biological species, only the intelligence of ordinary people has been improved.
Later, Wei Xiaobei spent some time to set up several new templates, used human genes to merge with other organisms, and cultivated several new organisms.
Sure enough, all creatures that contain human genes have more or less improved intelligence, and this improvement in intelligence is related to the proportion of human genes.
It seems that the absorption of this nuclear material is of great benefit to the evolution of the Altar of Life!
Another fuel rod was pulled out by Wei Xiaobei, and the Altar of Life eagerly sprayed out shreds of meat to wrap up the nuclear material inside.
About twenty minutes later, all the nuclear material in the nuclear fuel rod disappeared from beginning to end.
Wei Xiaobei discovered that as the amount of nuclear materials absorbed increased, the speed of absorption by the life altar also increased little by little.
Of course, this increase in speed is still a bit slow.
More than fifty nuclear fuel rods consumed Wei Xiaobei for a full 13 hours!
But this time consumption is