n’t say much more and directly asked Pu Ren to take them back.

After Pu Ren threw them back into the room and closed the door with a bang, the intelligence officers were stunned for a while, then they touched their thighs and pinched them violently, and then a burst of miserable howling could be heard. .
There is no doubt that these intelligence officers did not believe that they were let go like this!
/It has to be said that Wei Xiaobei’s actions made the intelligence officers so frightened that they did not even dare to leave the room. It was not until early in the morning that they quietly left, not even daring to take away the precious instruments in the room.
To put it bluntly, Wei Xiaobei’s move was just to scare away the grass and scare the snake, and to knock the mountain to shock the tiger.
It is to let the top leaders of the United States understand, look, I already know your intentions, remember not to make me angry, otherwise, you will be happy.
This is an invisible shock.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want anyone to stare at his luggage all the time, and just run in and look through it a few times.
Although Wei Xiaobei’s real luggage is placed in the storage ring, the luggage outside is just decoration to hide it from others.
The next morning, Wei Xiaobei got up early, had some breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then left the airport hotel leisurely with a few ordinary people.
/Undoubtedly, after last night’s warning, the CIA’s intelligence officers have become much more honest, at least there are not many prying eyes around Wei Xiaobei.
There are only a few telescopes peering at a relatively long distance.
Well, Wei Xiaobei also knew that this kind of thing was inevitable.
Even if he kills all these intelligence agents, in a few days, the United States or other countries will probably send more intelligence agents.
After leaving the airport, Wei Xiaobei hailed two taxis and headed straight to the beach.
Wei Xiaobei’s move undoubtedly caused confusion among the intelligence personnel.
They didn’t even expect Wei Xiaobei’s sudden action.
In their opinion, Wei Xiaobei should probably wait in the airport hotel for flights to resume or transfer to a sea ship, instead of just hailing two taxis and heading towards the seaside.
It was normal for Wei Xiaobei to go around the city a few times, but going to the beach now?
Looking in the direction of the taxi, it was not a tourist beach area, but a dangerous area covered with rocks.
Well, no matter which direction Wei Xiaobei goes, these intelligence officers need to keep up.
Otherwise, when reporting the situation, he might be scolded by the big bosses at the headquarters.
Of course, you have to keep up, and the distance cannot be too close. After last night’s experience, both the intelligence personnel present and the following intelligence personnel understood one thing.
Intelligence was once valuable, but freedom was even more valuable. If it were for life, both could be thrown away.
If he was accidentally discovered by that guy, his body might b