e appeared on its silver metal shell.

When this layer of faint flames emerged, Wei Xiaobei immediately felt the power contained in the flames!
That turned out to be divine power!
Divinely activated flames!
Wei Xiaobei understood something in an instant.
It has to be said that this layer of flame is quite resistant to lightning.
The lightning fell on the metal spider and was immediately dissolved by the layer of flames.
The metal spider advanced hundreds of meters toward the broken spear despite the thunder and lightning that was constantly rushing around it. After digging out a piece of soil from the ground with its front paws, it quickly retreated.
But before it retreated thirty meters, the flames on its body were completely wiped out by lightning.
After losing the protection of the flame, the metal spider was almost left inside by lightning.
Although it retreated outside the sea of ??thunder and lightning at the last moment, its silver shell has become pitted, and there are many black spots left by lightning on it, and even its two rear limbs were chopped off by lightning!
As the metal spider exited the sea of ??thunder and lightning, several nearby metal spiders seemed to become excited and rushed toward the metal spider.
The metal spider, which was struck by lightning and was on the verge of death, seemed to be aware of the intentions of its kind. It hurriedly moved its jointed limbs away from its kind and ran. At the same time, the soil it brought out was also quickly swallowed by it.
As the soil was swallowed up by the metal spider metal, the metal spiders that rushed over immediately lost interest, slowly turned around, and returned to their previous territory.
This is?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but rub his eyes.
Just when the metal spider exited the sea of ??thunder and lightning, Wei Xiaobei used omniscience to check the soil it brought back.
/However, Wei Xiaobei was quite stunned by its attribute table.
Name: Thunder Earth (second-class treasure)
Introduction: Thunder soil is a product of the long-term influence of the thunder god Thor. It contains a large amount of thunder and lightning power, but these thunder and lightning powers are extremely mild. Eating thunder soil can enhance the resistance to thunder and lightning. At the same time, Thunder soil is also one of the best materials used to enhance space.
Effect 1: Enhance lightning resistance.
Effect 2: Enhance the space.
Wei Xiaobei blinked a few times, and he suddenly felt as if he had found a treasure!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t care much about enhancing his ability to resist lightning. With his ability to control electric current, it was impossible for lightning below a certain limit to kill him.
The most critical issue here is that this thunder soil can actually be used to enhance space!
This enhanced space is different from the expanded space. It is a strengthening of a certain aspect of the space.
As for what is going on, Wei Xiaobei is not sure, but it doesn’t matter. He just needs to get some thunder soil and he will know.