n Heaven Method, both of which open the door to the divine realm.

It was the huge waves behind them that were pushing their figures with a power that was close to that of heaven and earth, trying to push them into the threshold of the divine realm!
So, almost at the moment when the time changes stopped, the two people were already hanging beside the Taoist.
Above the misty cloud city, the Hunmengfa cultivators opened and closed their eyes one after another, but after seeing Chu Weiyang’s appearance, spirit and aura that seemed to shine as usual, they never paid attention to the appearance of the remaining two people. Disappeared in the gray light.
But in the Three Realms of Lingfu, the figures of Qing He and Gong Wan Zhu are almost always reflected in the sky above their respective dojos, accompanied by the transpiration of their auras and their intertwining with the tribulation auras of heaven and earth.
In an instant, two thick clouds were shining almost at the same time. Thunders were flying like dragons and snakes. The invisible and formless flames were already due to the close three-dimensional connection between them and Chu Weiyang, and because of the smooth and flawless Tao. The charm of Dharma, because it actually speeds up the process of establishing reincarnation in the process of transformation of heaven and earth.
The calamity thunder has not yet fallen, but amid the hum of God’s will, the power of creating the innate body has already fallen first.
/The step they took to open the door to the divine realm was almost a certainty.
As a result, in the same place, the Taoist completely relaxed his mind and further immersed himself in the understanding of the nature of the innate treasure.
This is Chu Weiyang’s destiny.
In the clear sky, the layers of clouds and mist gradually dispersed, and the majestic aftertaste of the tribulation thunder also disappeared little by little with the strong wind.
Qinghe stands suspended in the air, with colorful jade blossoms steaming up around him. In the distance, on the top of the mountain of the dojo, a magical fruit tree rises from the ground, appearing like a ginkgo tree, and mixed with all kinds of auras of steaming. The moment he stood up, in Qing He’s eyebrows, the word “dream” turned into the Taoist seal pattern “HE” and flashed away.
In an instant, behind Qing He, all kinds of colorful jade flowers gathered together. Among the layers, they seemed to be unified with each other. They were divided into nine colors and had both reality and reality. At first glance, they looked like the universe. Power draped over Qing He’s body, like the nine heavens turning into a wedding gown and robes.
And it was precisely in Qinghe that all the changes were confirmed to the extreme in an instant, and her majestic aura that jumped into the divine realm was even more instantaneous, because of the mastery of “Tao Shu·He” and because of the complete scripture. The numerous and vast seal patterns expanded with the birth of the Innate Illusionary Divine Dao Body, and after th