er what the reason was, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t even melt the rare fragments of Thor’s Hammer, let alone the fairy-level fragments.

After churning in his mind for a while, an idea came to Wei Xiaobei’s mind, and he grabbed the fragment of Thor’s Hammer in his left hand.
But what made Wei Xiaobei a little disappointed was that the altar of life did not react at all to the fragments of Thor’s hammer.
Is this guy still a bit picky about food?
Wei Xiaobei then replaced it with an immortal-grade Thor’s Hammer fragment, but there was still no response from the Life Altar.
It seems that the altar of life has no appetite for the fragments of Thor’s hammer.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei simply took out the White Mist Dragon Spear and placed the gun head against the fragments.
With a gentle push, a scene that made Wei Xiaobei slightly happy appeared.
The gun tip sprayed out a cloud of white mist, which seemed to be seeing delicious food. It rushed towards the fragments crazily and enveloped the fragments in the blink of an eye.
Not long after, the spear head condensed with the fragments, and white mist kept pouring out, slowly corroding the fragments, trying to integrate them into the spear head.
/Wei Xiaobei looked at the state of the White Mist Dragon Spear. He was happy but then a little worried. Because the White Mist Dragon Spear began to swallow the fragments, its state transformed into evolution, and its series of effects also turned into question marks.
In other words, the White Mist Dragon Spear became a piece of scrap metal during its evolution.
Well, of course, it might be better than scrap metal. The evolving White Mist Dragon Spear can probably conduct electricity.
In desperation, Wei Xiaobei could only put the White Mist Dragon Spear into the storage ring.
Fortunately, although time in the storage ring has almost stopped, it will not affect the evolution of the White Mist Dragon Spear. This was verified when using the storage bag.
Next, Wei Xiaobei sent other weapon fragments collected in the Ash World of the World into the Dragon Fire Cauldron for training.
Fortunately, except for the Thor’s Hammer fragment, the rest of the fragments were of the highest quality and were treasures. The fire dragon spawned by the Dragon Fire Cauldron melted easily, and after purifying the impurities, they formed pieces of black matte metal ingots.
Later, Wei Xiaobei investigated and found that this metal ingot had more than thirty ingredients, and the three largest metal ingredients did not appear on the real periodic table of elements. Their names were black silver and crystal iron. , mithril.
Well, among these three metal components, only mithril is the only one that Wei Xiaobei has seen in novels. It is said to be a special magic metal that can allow magical elements to pass through. Of course, is the mithril in this metal ingot the same as in the novel? It’s consistent that Wei Xiaobei doesn’t know magic, so it’s not clear.
/Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei was able to identify the remaining ingredients.
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