esieging Wei Xiaobei.

However, to be honest, the attack effect of this group of granite people is indeed very poor. The smallest granite people are five or six meters tall. When a group of granite people surrounds them, it is really difficult to hit a target as small as Wei Xiaobei. .
It was not even as effective as when the King of Granite Man challenged Wei Xiaobei alone.
So much so that the fists of a group of granite men hit their own kind, while Wei Xiaobei shuttled back and forth between their fists, knocking down the granite men to the ground with ease.
As time passed, more and more Granite Man fell down and had their hearts dug out by Wei Xiaobei.
It has to be said that these granite people’s brains are indeed very difficult to use.
Seeing that their advantage was turned into a disadvantage, they still didn’t wake up at all, and still tracked Wei Xiaobei with their fists, thus creating more opportunities for Wei Xiaobei to kill him.
In fact, the crazy siege weakened the defense, making it easier for Wei Xiaobei to strike.
Finally, the last granite man fell and turned into rubble.
Their king became a loner.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei started to deal with this huge and thick-skinned guy again.
After losing the control of other granite men, this king of granite men became more difficult to deal with.
After Wei Xiaobei took out another big hole in his chest, the King of Granite Man repeated his old trick, lying on the ground with dozens of arms growing out of his back, trying to fight Wei Xiaobei.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei had already found a way to deal with it, and that was the ink bow!
In a matter of seconds, the ink-and-ink glove transformed into a large black and white bow in a ball of white light.
/At this time, Wei Xiaobei was hundreds of meters away from the King of Granite Man, and Wei Xiaobei was even standing on the sea.
He didn’t want to shoot an arrow like this and trap himself instead.
After all, the evolution of this ink weapon included the ink dripping from the giant pen fairy. That thing was not a good thing.
Facing Wei Xiaobei’s departure, the King of Granite Man began to pursue him angrily. Perhaps it thought Wei Xiaobei was afraid of him and wanted to escape.
But Wei Xiaobei’s speed was beyond what it could pursue, so the King of Granite Man, who couldn’t catch up, had to grab pieces of gravel from the ground and throw them at Wei Xiaobei like cannonballs.
It has to be said that the accuracy of the projectile of this King of Granite Man was too bad. Wei Xiaobei stepped on the sea with his legs, and stones continued to fall from the air, causing waves to rise on the sea surface. However, Wei Xiaobei was not hit by the stone. Even the waves didn’t stick to it much.
Of course, the waves that occasionally hit him were instantly blown away by the aura coming out of Wei Xiaobei’s body.
Draw the bow and draw the string!
An ordinary arrow was immediately placed on the bowstring by Wei Xiaobei.
There was a soft sound, and as Wei Xiaobei loosened the bow string, the arro