Taoist only drew a flame of life from it, a condensed concept of life and death.

Is this the “chance” and “good fortune” that comes after encountering murder and death?
After going through all the previous experiences, Chu Weiyang, who once had lingering fears, now faced the gift from the old Taoist riding a blue lion, but he accepted it calmly.
/In fact, this kind of gift itself is too rich, especially the turbid and sluggish lunar intention formed by the dust of the treasure soldiers. It even makes Chu Weiyang want to smelt it into his own body and Taoism. impulse in.
But this was the treasure dust of the Hunmeng method, and Chu Weiyang finally restrained his impulse at this moment.
In an instant, the black and yellow iron rod was sacrificed by Chu Weiyang, and the heaven and earth where the treasure originated were opened, and the world of dragons, gods, and demons appeared. Then, as the black and yellow spiritual light circulated, the witch sacrificial fire fell, and the supreme magic flame enveloped the treasure. Almost instantly, in the process of refining, all the weapon dust of the lunar image was drawn into the dragon-phase heavenly demon world.
This kind of treasure dust is really the best choice for Chu Weiyang to refine the materials from the heaven and earth where the treasure weapon originates from, and condense the materials from the Heavenly Demon Dao Palace that is consecrated by thousands of mad dragons!
Of course, there were twelve long rivers of blood light that followed, and they were immediately engulfed by the falling shamanic sacrificial fire. In an instant, the method of combining three elements was cast, and all the essence was in this moment. In a short time, it moved towards the extremely crazy dragon phase transformation, and in the moment when the divine form was condensed, it moved towards the current pattern of “Hundred Dragons Enshrining Saints” in the world of treasure weapons.
And it is in this process that it seems to be a qualitative change that accumulates from quantitative changes.
At the same time that the old Taoist sitting on the blue lion showed off his charm without any scruples, accompanied by the joyful cry of the treasured soldiers, this treasured soldier was forged from the materials of the real god level, although it was only There is a crazy dragon phase that really jumped into the door of the divine realm, but there are already enough crazy dragon phases of multiple orders of magnitude, all of which are stained with the charm of this realm.
So, under the pure charm of the supreme demon, that door was suddenly penetrated by the treasure weapon at this moment!
At this point, the truly harmonious and flawless weapon in the cycle of early Taoism has firmly settled in the divine realm!
Who would have thought that Chu Weiyang’s most extraordinary magic weapon could be refined and achieved in such a short period of time!
Mixed with the majestic aura of the old Taoist, the treasured soldiers being sacrificed by Chu Weiyang at this moment soared into the sky with