But everyone didn’t expect that Chu Kuang would overturn inexplicably this time when others were optimistic about him!
This caused a lot of controversy in the circle.
Also because of Chu Kuang’s failure.
/This kind of controversy has gradually expanded, and has even triggered some comments similar to the decline in the quality of Chu Kuang’s short stories. Some people even said that the nose has an eye:
“If it’s not that he can’t write new stories, why hasn’t Chu Kuang released a new short story for so long?”
When some people think about it, it’s true.
Chu Kuang has published short stories very frequently before. Only four works have directly established his position in the field of short stories.
Everyone didn’t think too much about it before, but now the more they think about it, the more they feel that it’s probably because Chu Kuang can’t write new good stories, so that’s why he hasn’t released any new short stories.
Even if his ranking dropped, he did not take timely countermeasures.
If this was not the case, then why did Chu Kuang’s new short story “A Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” published after such a long time not have accumulated much experience, but failed to win even the short story writer Shen Jiarui, who was ranked far behind him?
Logically speaking, since you haven’t released a new short story for so long, shouldn’t you be planning a big move that will blow everyone away?
Finally, this is the new short story that I’ve been holding back for so long?
“Are you exhausted from writing?”
Some voices are speculating.
It is true that some writers who were very bright in their peak years gradually became passers-by after publishing several very amazing works. However, many people did not expect that such a thing would happen to Chu Kuang, especially when Chu Kuang had just finished a novel. In the case of the extremely best-selling novel.
However, there are naturally many objections to this statement.
/In fact, this kind of voice is the mainstream.
Most of the public is willing to give space to “Chu crazy people”.
Colleagues are enemies, and there is a tradition in the literary circle that literati look down on each other. This is even the area where conflicts among peers are most serious.
So over the years, every time a writer fell short of perfection, they were treated similarly.
This phenomenon, in the eyes of some literati, is already a cancer.
These people are not targeting Chu Kuang, but everyone including Chu Kuang who has achieved success but failed to perform perfectly all the time.
However, what many people do not expect is that
Everyone almost watched helplessly as the number of votes for “A Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” continued to surge!
And when the time reached two o’clock in the afternoon, “A Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” had already reached the top spot!
“I’m going, what’s going on?”
In Blue Star, ticket fraud is not allowed. Blue Star is very familiar with this kind of behavior!
Anyone who dares to swipe votes will have their reputation ruined!
Besides, the tri