years of Taoism and my three thousand years of Taoism can’t be gnawed by a dog?”

The big snake felt like it had been struck by a stick, its coiled body collapsed like water, and it swam away in despair.
Beichenzi looked majestic and turned around with a gloomy expression.
At this time, Zhu Chanchan said in a trembling voice: “The devil is here, he’s nearby! What should I do?”
Beichenzi’s expression changed greatly. He took out a yellow robe from his Xiyi Domain and shook it suddenly. The yellow robe flew up as if it was worn by an invisible person. The robe made a hunting sound and flew away through the air. .
/Beichenzi sent away the yellow robe and took out an altar with a shrine on it. The old man took out a peach wood sword and climbed onto the altar.
There was no god enshrined on the shrine, but a paper talisman.
The text on the paper talisman is bird seal and insect script, written with a gold pen. It is more complex than any bird seal and insect script that Xu Ying has seen before, and has a natural Taoist charm.
A stick of incense as thick as an arm was lit in front of the paper talisman. The fragrance curled straight towards the paper talisman and was absorbed by it. This stick of incense will take a year and a half to burn!
Beichenzi climbed onto the altar, held a sword to perform rituals, offered sacrifices to heaven and earth, and muttered words.
At this time, a young man wearing a hoopoe feather crown and a golden feather coat climbed up Tongbai Mountain and appeared in front of everyone.
Dazhong protected Zhu Chanchan, stepped back, and said loudly: “Aying! Come down quickly!”
At the same time, Xian Qi said loudly: “Beichenzi, what are you waiting for? Take action!”
Beichenzi gritted his teeth and stabbed out the peach wood sword in his hand, cutting off the arm-thick incense stick!
/The fire tip was held by him on the tip of the sword, and with a slight shock, it was immediately extinguished.
On the shrine, the incense burned out, and no more smoke flew towards the paper talisman.
The world suddenly became quiet, and no sound could be heard.
At this time, the breeze started to pick up, and the wind became stronger and stronger, making a roaring sound, the grass and trees were moving, and suddenly dark clouds rolled in the sky, and they didn’t know where they came from.
The color of the sky and the earth changed, and the strong wind blew the Qingtong sacred tree swaying in the wind!
An extremely thick thunderbolt fell from the sky and struck the Qingtong Sacred Tree, splitting the Sacred Tree from the middle!
The sacred tree fell with a rumble, and a figure also fell to the ground in the thunder and lightning. The figure was half bent and half crouched, and slowly raised its head. That was a promise. The lightning just now seemed to have turned into a texture, flickering and jumping unsteadily between his eyebrows.
He stood up slowly, and the dark clouds in the sky began to spin like a whirlpool, and he was the center of the whirlpool!
“Beichen, how dare you?” He turned his