many people will be tortured by his madness and anger today!

Will Blue Star students hate Xianyu in the end, or will they be the literati who persecute Xianyu in the ten pavilions at the foot of Mount Lu today?
To know.
If Xianyu didn’t shock the audience in this way today, it would probably become a joke for everyone to pull him off the judges’ bench.
He was fighting back.
Although the way of counterattack was too shocking, even a little excessive, it still maintained his dignity, although the cost was the literati who were present today, whose dignity was crushed to the ground and severely rubbed.
Lin Yuan’s home.
The whole family was shocked!
It took a long time for the family to come to their senses.
Mom suddenly said: “Go buy a chicken and a fish, and make soup for our son.”
Look at this advantage.
My sister laughed: “I’m making soup for your son, not our son.”
“To mend your brain?”
Dayao Yao can understand it very well.
Antarctica wagged its tail and shouted, very interested, and there were bones to eat.
But my sister finally muttered with a strange expression: “If he continues to improve his brain, I’m afraid that the Blue Star literary world will break out in the midst of laughter and laughter.”
All right.
My brother’s brain has probably become the treasure of the Blue Star Literary and Art Association, and he really needs to be replenished.
Starlight Entertainment.
Office of the Chairman.
Li Songhua was silent for a long time while watching the live broadcast.
Of course he knew that these literati had brought Xianyu down, but the final direction of the development still scared him!
Unprecedented shock!
This shock was not even weaker than when Li Songhua learned that Chu Kuangyingying and Xianyu were actually Lin Yuan alone!
“Is this from heaven?”
“Still descended to earth?”
/Li Songhua was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses, and then immediately contacted the public relations department and shouted: “What are you still doing? Take action!”
What action?
Of course it’s to create momentum!
This is an unprecedented trend. The company must contribute to help Xianyu reach the altar. Although the company does not need to take action, Xianyu has already ascended to the altar in the field of Blue Star ancient poetry!
Because it’s not just the stars that create momentum.
The major media responded even more quickly!
The fact that Xianyu dominated the top ten pavilions at the Lushan Poetry Conference and everyone was silent has already shocked netizens and audiences, and appeared on the front pages of major news newspapers!
Never mind the type of media.
People from the entertainment and cultural circles are all signing up!
At the same time, Li Songjing’s eyes flickered: “We have to find out who is behind this. Is it Zhongzhou again?”
Lin Yuan felt like he was crazy.
Copying two hundred poems really made me dizzy.
Obviously before, I was still adhering to the argument that “any tree that is beautiful in the forest will be destroyed by the w