llers in Central Continent are extremely puzzled:

Why do booksellers from other continents take on the crazy attitude of studing Chu Chu?
Ordered so much goods in one go!
As a result, they were unable to order more goods!
/Good thing.
The booksellers of Central Continent believe that the goods they have on hand are already very abundant, enough to cope with the readers of Central Continent.
As for those booksellers from other continents?
Anyway, the booksellers in Central Continent scoffed:
After ordering so many goods, aren’t you afraid that you’ll end up with nothing in your hands?
Perhaps only booksellers from other continents know best why they are so crazy about it.
Just place the most aggressive order without any thought and that’s it.
these years.
How many lessons of blood and tears:
I have never experienced the helplessness of being surrounded by readers after selling out;
I have never experienced the pain of waiting for several days despite desperately trying to place additional orders;
I have never experienced the frustration of countless readers yelling “Why don’t you buy more?”
Without these painful experiences and experiences, this group of Central-Continent people who think highly of themselves would never understand it at all!
And when the time came on the 20th.
Chu Kuang once again proved his terrifying appeal!
Qin Qi Chu Yan Han Zhao Wei.
The thresholds of countless bookstores were almost broken by “Muggles”!
Qin Qi Chu Yan Han Zhao Wei.
The entrances of countless bookstores are crowded with people.
Some large bookstores are even more exaggerated.
For example, there is already a long queue of one or two hundred people in front of the Huaxin Bookstore in Qinzhou.
Countless customers blocked the door of the bookstore.
The crowd in line was noisy:
“Don’t squeeze!”
“I’m eating old lady’s tofu!”
“Everyone who came later went to line up at the back!”
“Whoever is in front of you cuts in line again, be careful and cause public outrage. Brother, I came here to queue at seven o’clock!”
“Seven o’clock is nothing!”
“I came at six o’clock.”
“Why are you here so early!”
“I don’t want to come so early. The problem is that this old thief’s books are easily out of stock if you buy them late. You have to wait for several days for new ones to come out. This kind of thing has happened before.”
“There are too many people!”
“I saw in the promotion that what Chu Kuang is writing this time is not children’s literature. How many of these people look like children!”
“It doesn’t matter what type he is!”
“You can’t buy a book from an old thief, and you won’t be deceived if you buy it.”
A passer-by with sharp ears couldn’t help but stop and ask:
“Has Chu Kuang’s new book been released?”
/“Isn’t that right? They are all queuing up here.”
A girl in the team answered, and then complained again:
“The queue is longer than the last time I saw that new milk tea shop.”
The passerby’s eyes lit up and he quickly ran to the back to lin