ten music dad. Even if the stage effect is a little bad, it won’t be a big problem. It mainly depends on the quality of the work itself.”

“The problem is that the foundation here in Yanzhou is not bad!”
“Qinzhou is so miserable!”
“Qinzhou has lost three times in a row, right? It’s obviously the hometown of music, but the result is that the lottery has always been done poorly. All the teams we encountered were strong combinations. However, the stage effects have never been outstanding. Even Yanzhou, who is a close friend of them, invited Teacher Yinyin is here to help.”
The editing is very thoughtful.
Once the Yanzhou team’s preparations were exposed, the show’s effect was instantly maximized!
Even more scheming is:
Having just finished showing Yanzhou’s preparations, the program then introduced the preparations of this issue’s opponent Qinzhou.
Lu Sheng wrote a song called “Peacock” for Wei Haoyun.
/As for the stage effects in Qinzhou, choreographer Frank is still in charge, and the backup dancer is Yun Tongtong.
The show deliberately gave Frank and Yun Tongtong a lot of scenes.
/It seems to be intended to let the audience know the preparations for Qinzhou’s stage effects.
“Qinzhou is these two again.”
“Judging from the performance of the last period, the stage effects of these two are average.”
“Actually, these two are already doing very well. Yun Tongtong is a very strong dancer and has been a dancing genius since she was a child. However, the foreign players invited from other continents are better than them, and her ranking in the dance charts is also higher.”
“This time the opponent is Yanzhou.”
“The dance that Frank decided on was the Peacock Dance?”
“Lu Sheng’s song is called “Peacock”, and the dance goes well with the peacock dance, but it seems too unsuspenseful. Everyone is already very familiar with the peacock dance, so there is no way to create surprises.”
“Let’s see how he adapts it.”
“As a Qin person, I am really heartbroken. Can you please not let backup dancers and the like become a drag on our singers and music dads?”
“Don’t expect extra points for the stage effect, just don’t be a drag, so that we in Qinzhou can compete without any worries.”
The Qinzhou audience’s requirements are already very low.
Qinzhou lost three times in a row, and everyone felt very heavy.
It’s not just them.
It seems that the Qinzhou team’s singers and singers are also feeling very uncomfortable and are discussing in the room how to fight the next battle.
at this time.
The fish appears!
Because the show was so popular, there were already a lot of barrages from the audience, but as soon as Xianyu appeared, the barrages could no longer be described as too many.
Explode directly!
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
“Fish daddy is here, fish daddy is here to save the world!?”
“The child director didn’t lie to me, Fish Daddy is really a guest on the show!”
“its not right.”
“The flying guests are helping Qinzhou, so why are there no flying guests in Yanzhou? Isn’t this not good?”