t it’s wrong to say that I can’t beat him. Within ten moves, I beat him to the point where he has no ability to fight back.”

“real or fake?”
/“Of course it’s true. If you don’t believe it, ask him!”
Chen Chaosheng paused and said, “You and Xu Ying have an old relationship, right? I’m afraid Xu Ying will be robbed this time.”
Yankong City quickly asked why, and Chen Chaosheng said: “He was born in the Kunlun Mountains, not in the Yuanshou World. He is not lucky enough to enter the Dragon Court and obtain the treasure. If he takes action by force, he will definitely be robbed!”
Yan Kongcheng’s heart suddenly stopped, he turned around and walked towards Xu Ying, saying, “I’ll tell him!”
Chen Chaosheng quickly grabbed him and said: “You are not related to him, why do you need to tell him? Let’s go to the Dragon Court as soon as possible! My master told me that the treasures in the Dragon Court are amazing, and they contain the secret of the Taoist cry. !”
Yan Kongcheng shook his head and said: “Xu Ying and I are old friends and have a life-and-death relationship, so I have to go.”
Chen Chaosheng couldn’t resist him and said: “Just tell him through the voice transmission with your spiritual consciousness. Why bother to go there in person? Don’t waste time.”
Yan Kongcheng looked into the distance and saw that many immortals had entered the Longting. He also knew that time was running out, so he mobilized his spiritual consciousness to send a message to promise, telling him that without the Yuan Shou bloodline, he would be robbed if he took the treasure by force.
He has also practiced the Six Secret Ancestral Techniques, and his spiritual consciousness is so powerful that even if it is interfered with by the ferocious aura of Dragon Court, it can still be transmitted very far.
“Is this happening? I have lived in Mogasuri for 48,000 years. Why am I not from Mogasuri?”
Xu Ying was furious. After a while, he also heard from his spiritual consciousness and replied, “There is no need to worry about the empty city. I am not here to look for the treasures of Longting, but to steal other people’s treasures. After they captured the treasures of Longting, If I rob them, there will be no danger!”
Yan Kongcheng was stunned and said angrily: “Just seek death! Patriarch, let’s go!”
“The empty city is my real brother!”
Xu Ying was full of praise, sacrificed the abbot’s fairy mountain, flew into Yingzhou Cave Abyss, and said to himself, “Those who enter Longyuan now must not have obtained any treasures, and it is not cost-effective to rob them now. I will first move Yingzhou Cave After Yuan has repaired it, go and rob them again.”
He was very happy in his heart: “These people have worked hard to get the treasure, but they were robbed by me. They must be very angry and beat me harder than ever before!”
/Yingzhou Dongyuan has been integrated with Penglai Fairy Mountain, and the internal space is even wider. The edge of Yingzhou is the sky and the sea. The black turtle that carried Penglai on its back also swims freely in the