s what Lin Yuan does on the set anyway.

The reason why Lin Yuan was still on the set was simply because he was afraid of some unexpected situation.
He found a place to code in a secluded place, and then began to think about which novel he should choose.
pick one of two.
After thinking about it, Lin Yuan finally made a decision.
He typed two words on the document:
As a short story, “The Necklace” has only more than 5,000 words in its entirety, and it would not take Lin Yuan much time to write it.
What he really needs to spend some time on is adjusting the background of the novel.
Many beautiful and charming women in the world are often born into poor families due to fate.
She had no dowry assets, no way or hope to make a man with both money and status know her, understand her, love her, and marry her; in the end, she could only make do with a job in the Ministry of Education. The junior clerk got married.
If “The Gift of the Magi” is one of O. Henry’s masterpieces.
Then “The Necklace”, which Lin Yuan is writing, is one of Maupassant’s masterpieces.
As a world-class master of short stories as famous as O. Henry, although Maupassant’s style is different from O. Henry, their respective masterpieces are undoubtedly excellent.
This is the source of Lin Yuan’s confidence in “The Necklace”.
As for background adjustment, Lin Yuan is already familiar with it.
However, in order to avoid errors, Lin Yuan still spent two hours perfecting the new background of the novel and checking it carefully to make the story look flawless.
While Lin Yuan was writing “The Necklace”, Wei Long, after making the phone call, reported the situation to Han Jimei, chief operating officer of Tribe Literature.
/at this time.
The editors-in-chief contacted the writers one after another and reported the situation to Han Jimei with their respective lists.
“Wen Da’s heavy work hinders Yuemei”
Han Jimei looked at the lists in her hand, her expression brightening.
There must be a brave man under a heavy reward.
/No matter from which perspective, the lineup of short story writers of tribal literature this time is more luxurious than that of the last event!
The names that appear on these lists are all well-known figures in the short story world.
With the participation of these people, Han Jimei believes that the traffic of tribal literature in March will definitely not be too bad.
It was Wei Long’s turn to submit the list of writers.
Han Jimei looked at it and suddenly paused.
“Chu Kuang.”
Chu Kuang is actually on this list?
Han Jimei couldn’t help but smile: “This is the champion writer of our last event. With him participating, this event becomes more meaningful.”
“Did Chu Kuang participate?”
The editor-in-chief next to him was a little surprised, and then he also smiled and said: “It is indeed a good thing that he can participate. Although the lineup is more gorgeous this time, and most of these writers have more famous names than Chu Kuang, after all, Chu Kuang is the last one As the champion of the event, his presen