ased both versions at the same time.

the other side.
Many big names in the cultural world who are paying attention to this matter have also purchased the newly published “Journey to the West”.
A literary exchange group.
That’s right.
It was the same group of big guys who made in-depth comments on the culture in the lyrics when Xianyu’s song “Hope You Live Longer” was released.
Introducing again.
Every member of the group here is basically a big shot in the literary world, and there are even some top figures in the cultural world who can write contemporary books.
This group of people was also alarmed by the commotion caused by “Journey to the West” and the Great and Wild Controversy.
While preparing to read the book, there were also some discussions in the group:
“Xiao Lizi insisted that I read this “Journey to the West” and asked me to evaluate which one is better compared to the “Prehistoric” series.”
“Xiao Lizi’s tone is very loud this time.”
“Xiao Lizi also sent me a copy. As a speaker of the Literary and Art Association, he can praise a novel so highly, which makes me a little interested.”
“Although the Prehistoric Series has its flaws, it is still very good overall.”
“Well, it’s not a masterpiece, but its literary value is not low.”
“It seems that Xiao Lizi sent a copy of “Journey to the West” to each of us. It’s interesting.”
After a while of discussion, the group became quiet.
They all went to read a book.
Not just within this group.
The Internet is also quiet.
But behind this quietness, something is ready to move.
Lin Yuan did not read.
The novel has been released, but the release of the novel version of “Journey to the West” is just the beginning for Lin Yuan.
It’s not that Honghuang is regarded as an opponent.
Lin Yuan just felt that he had the responsibility and obligation to develop the culture of Journey to the West.
A cultural world with only prehistoric myths would be too lonely and too monotonous.
The Prehistoric Series has it, and “Journey to the West” must have it.
What the Prehistoric Series does not have, “Journey to the West” must also have it!
at this time.
Lin Yuan chose to start this journey with songs.
And the name of this song is, “Wukong”.
He will do everything possible to make the culture of Journey to the West as popular as possible.
To this end, Lin Yuan did not hesitate to borrow the influence of the three vests at the same time.
until evening.
Lin Yuan just finished recording the song “Wukong”.
Without rushing to publish it, Lin Yuan planned to check the news online first.
It’s time for something to happen
/Especially for people who read quickly.
The 700-800,000-word “Journey to the West” is enough to be read in one day.
Facts have proved that Lin Yuan’s time management is good.
When he started surfing the Internet, it happened to be the time when many people had finished reading “Journey to the West”.
Although compared with the excitement of the previous shocking battle between Chu Kuang fans an