Excuse me, who are you?”

The man’s hair was slicked back, his angular face was like a polished diamond, and his slender aquiline nose made his appearance appear particularly alert and decisive. For some reason, Hastings felt a familiar flavor in the other man.
“Sherlock Holmes.”
The man took off his bowler hat and introduced himself.
/“Are you a friend of M. Poirot?”
“Have you just heard too many stories about him? There are just worshipers who come from far away to pay homage to him.”
The man named Holmes said.
/As the man turned to leave, Hastings looked at the other man’s back and finally knew where the familiar feeling came from.
His eyes were like Poirot’s.
This is the last scene of “Detective Poirot” written by Chu Kuang.
Cao Dezhi confirmed with Chu Kuang.
This is the male protagonist of Chu Kuang’s second mystery novel.
Cao Dezhi said thoughtfully: “There is just too little information, only a description of the appearance and the name of the protagonist.”
In fact.
Cao Dezhi was not the only one to notice this passage.
As everyone began to accept Poirot’s death, many people’s attention gradually shifted to the character who appeared at the end, triggering a lot of speculation.
Poirot’s death shocked everyone so much that when they first started talking about Poirot.
No one mentioned this new character.
Moreover, although this person appears at the end of “The Poirot Detectives”, there are only a few narrations.
Only when everyone calms down will they notice something unusual.
“Why does such a character suddenly appear at the end?”
“Is it true that this man has nothing to do with Poirot?”
“Is Chu Kuang implying that Poirot is not dead?”
“If that’s the case, even though it’s just a hint, then I have to say that the old thief also has a conscience to discover it.”
“I thought of a bigger possibility. Could this person be the protagonist of Chu Kuang’s next novel?”
“No way?”
“I only accept Poirot and no one else. Poirot is irreplaceable!”
“plus one.”
“My heart has already died with Poirot. Chu Kuang can’t even think of replacing Poirot with a new character.”
There is a small discussion on the Internet around this point.
Because the signs are not obvious yet, many people cannot guess what the appearance of this man named Holmes means. Everyone just has a vague feeling that there will be a follow-up to this trap.
Because as far as the appearance of the characters is concerned, it makes no sense.
Unless there was some reason that made this appearance meaningful, what could it be?
The same question also came from Jin Mu’s mouth: “Who is this Sherlock?”
“The protagonist of the next book.”
Lin Yuan did not hide it. He had told Cao Dezhi before.
Kaneki was stunned for a moment, then frowned and said, “Are you planning to write another detective protagonist like Poirot?”
“You’re only half right.”
Lin Yuandao: “Sherlock and Poirot are both detectives, but their personalities and methods of solving crimes are very different in many places. The o