s alone. Your courage is already too awesome!”

“This is so crazy!”
“Nine stars in a row!”
“Since his debut, Chu Kuang has never challenged himself. When he first started writing fantasy novels, he was unwilling to write about so many popular subjects on the market, but he wanted to write about some unpopular subjects. If he had to go, he would take a path that no one has ever walked before. Road, and several consecutive books have established a sect!”
Netizens have already imagined the scene of the nine famous figures shouting at Chu Kuang. They were nine dazzling tall figures, surrounding Chu Kuang in a circle. Everyone’s eyes were flashing with crazy fighting intent and strong enthusiasm. Provocative, as if he wanted to gang up on Chu Kuang.
/And at this moment.
Netizens have already come up with a wonderful follow-up, that is, when Chu Kuang was surrounded by nine famous people, he suddenly raised his fingers to this group of people and said calmly:
“You guys come together.”
No one knows how Chu Kuang can end this wave of nine works, but just the pride and courage expressed by Chu Kuang to challenge the world, coupled with the thought of connecting the past and the future, have already made countless people Netizens were beyond shocked!
at the same time!
The Yan people were also confused!
Especially the group of Yandi fairy tale masters who were attracted by Chu Kuang-Aite felt a collective sense of astonishment. Immediately, a sudden burst of anger and shame surged into their hearts, and blood suddenly rushed to their foreheads!
Too arrogant!
How arrogant!
/Why do you do that!
When Chu Kuang Aite Qiqi first started, these famous people who challenged Chu Kuang were actually a little disappointed. It seems that this Chu Kuang is not as powerful as Qin Qichu and the group of netizens who boasted that he didn’t even have the courage to challenge the Yan people. None, and as a result, they were quickly attacked one after another by Chu Kuang Aite.
It turns out that Qiqi is just the beginning!
Blue Star said that we Yan people are naturally arrogant and unruly, but this Chu Kuang turned out to be even more Yan people than us Yan people. The nine-front battle is so crazy that there is no limit to it. Do you think too highly of yourself or do you look down on us too much? A famous fairy tale master from Yandi?
“Want to fight!!”
“Hit me hard!!”
“I have been in the Yanzhou fairy tale circle for so many years and I have never seen such an arrogant guy. He actually asked us to come together. Does he know what the concept of one versus nine is? This is equivalent to asking him to write nine novels at once. A masterpiece of fairy tales at the level of a famous artist!”
“This madman!”
“Brothers from Yan, this is no longer a literary fight. This is a war started by Chu Kuang. He wants to use us Yan people to establish his prestige. As long as he can win two or three literary fights, he can gain both fame and fortune. This wave of calculations is better than ours, but it’s a pity that he picked the wrong