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Chen Zhiyu also watched it.
All the fish advanced to the top twelve, and only Chen Zhiyu fell behind.
Doesn’t Chen Zhiyu care?
Of course I care!
How embarrassing!
When other fish were broke, Chen Zhiyu was already a very successful first-line singer.
As a result, when other fish advanced to the front line one after another, Chen Zhiyu was standing still, being surpassed one by one. How could he not feel anything at all?
He had suffered.
He was also confused.
But he could only grit his teeth and practice his singing skills, humbly lick, and try his best to integrate into this big family called Yu Dynasty.
He was afraid that one day no one would recognize him as a member of the Fish Dynasty.
After all, he had only collaborated with Xianyu once, and it was only because he and Xingmang offered conditions for joining that Xianyu wrote a song for him.
This fish dynasty, he sharpened his head and forced his way in.
Still, he felt like he was outside the circle.
But today!
Teacher Xianyu announced to everyone!
He is Chen Zhiyu!
Not given up!
He is also a member of the Fish Dynasty!
Even if he seems mediocre among this group of singers, even if he has the worst grades among the fish!
No one knew that at this moment, Chen Zhiyu made a decision:
From then on, “fish” became his lifelong belief!
If we say that he initially joined Xingmang because he couldn’t beat him, and he worked hard to squeeze into Yu Dynasty because he admired Yu’s song, then Chen Zhiyu worked harder to integrate into Yu Dynasty, but it was for one person.
Behind Chen Zhiyu.
Sun Yaohuo, who was still in a daze just now, suddenly smiled.
Jiang Kui, Xia Fan and Zhao Yingchrome also laughed.
This choice is very envious!
But it is precisely because of this that everyone will firmly surround that man.
The person who can understand Chen Zhiyu best is actually Sun Yaohuo.
Because he had been so firmly chosen by his junior students in the past.
Composer Seat.
A certain music dad suddenly smiled and said: “It’s a bit interesting.”
Another music dad next to him was thoughtful: “I seem to understand why the singers Xianyu has collaborated with are so loyal, and even call themselves the Yu Dynasty.”
Music dads have collaborated with many singers.
But there seems to be only one “Fish Dynasty”.
This time, music dads found it puzzling. What kind of magic power does Xianyu have that can allow singers to build a circle around him?
Isn’t it just a cooperative relationship between everyone and the singer?
Are Xianyu’s songs better?
There is no such thing as saying that a person who can become a music dad should not produce too many good songs in his career!
But after seeing Xianyu’s choice today, everyone understood.
/There was applause.
This applause seems to encourage Chen Zhiyu, and it also seems to praise Xianyu’s choice.
While Yang Zhongming applauded, he also chuckled and said something to Zheng Jing: “This child is too careful.”
Zheng Jing nodded: “If it hadn’t been his choice, I wouldn’t have imag